Here is a beautiful channeling of Mother Mary from Fran Zepeda:
“Mother Mary:
“Hello beautiful ones. I am here today through this channel to urge you to open your hearts even wider. Yes, the energies of late have brought even more clearing for you. And yes, you sometimes may feel like you cannot take in anymore. But alas, you can, for letting go and being open even more for what is in store for you is the order of the day, and I am here to help you.
“Within you is so much, like capsules upon capsules upon capsules of information and Love just waiting to burst open with your willingness. Don’t stop now, don’t close up now – open your Hearts even wider and allow the energies to penetrate you, and then be still and allow those capsules of information and Love to open further within you.
“There is no limit to what you can experience in the name of Love, in the name of the Divine, for it is You and You are It. You are limitless Love and you are limitless and mountains of information waiting to be revealed.
“With this last surge of energy you have experienced, yes, you may have stirred up a lot to be released, but you have also dug deeper into your Divine Essence and lifted higher. This new level has many treasures in store for you. All you have to do is open to them.
“Your tendency may be to close off a little due to the overwhelming changes within you. But doing the opposite, opening to more and more possibilities, will bring you further on your path to enlightenment.
“And dear ones, you are stirring up so much inside you and discovering so much inside you that it may take some time to fully ascertain and understand it. But even if you don’t understand it, allow for it to be there. It will sort itself out for you eventually, as you put all the new pieces of the puzzle together that fit in a different way now that you have lifted into higher dimensions.
“And again I caution you not to quantify and qualify it according to old measures and distinctions. The free-flowing of your energy requires your free-flowing acceptance.
“You may not always know where you are going or not always know what everything is about, but that is the beauty of it, dear ones. You are opening a plethora of capsules of information within you as you encompass it all with Love and Openness.
“And the time is Now to throw away all impediments to your willingness to open to the unknown. For it is there where you shall find your freedom and many new openings you have not even dreamed of.
“So breathe with me now, dear ones. Breathe in the beauty of the unknown, breathe in the freedom of the unknown. Make friends with it. Make peace with it. And forevermore you shall be grateful you have done this.
“As you breathe in the sunshine of the new and vibrant world you are creating with every step into the unknown and with every step into higher vibrations, you feel at peace, for this is where you belong, where you have been headed for so many eons.
“You are shedding the last vestiges of impediments to this full-on release of the old and complete acceptance of your new self, which may feel a little raw and new at this time. But as you expose your New Self slowly and steadily to the sunlight of new and higher dimensions, your ‘new skin’ will begin to feel more comfortable and right.
“And the possibilities are endless what you can experience from this new place. It is just important to choose to stay open to it, to allow the release of the old without owning it or dwelling on it, knowing that the new is just behind it to shine in its full glory.
“So do not despair dear ones, if you are feeling confused or laden down with the old that has just been dug up with these new energies, for you are becoming expert at allowing them to release without losing your grip on your new reality.
“So do not tarry or be distracted by all that is seemingly coming at you, for it is a bit like the final blasts of the fireworks display coming frequently in succession in full blasts of light and color without a chance to breathe in between. But know that that too comes to an end and there is peace and tranquility to bare when it is complete.
“You are my Angels of Mercy and Light and I commend you for your bravery. Keep going and keep Lightening Up, as you are beginning to see is becoming easier and easier, for you don’t seem to skip many beats anymore in the process and are very soon able to pick up at a higher level each time you feel blasted with new and unknown energy.
“I leave you now with a reminder that you are all my Angels of Light and Love here to remake the world, your world, into whatever you desire. You have all the tools, dear ones. You are learning to negotiate the frequent twists and turns, and thus able to wield those tools mightily with more and more confidence.
“I am forever at your service and am your guide in this beautiful Love Fest you all find yourselves in. Be careful to see it as only that and to not color it with the old ways of seeing things that you are quickly leaving behind you.
All my love,
Mother Mary”


©2014 Fran Zepeda. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is posted in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this notice and links are included.