Mercury Retrograde is upon us again and there is definitely a lot of magic in its medicine. Yes, the last one was tough, but think of all the breakthroughs and the shifts that took place during that time. We are now in a much different place than we were then and the gifts of that time are priceless…
Let’s open our hearts to meet the present with the gifts it brings…This time around Mercury is going retrograde in Cancer so the energy and themes are much different, but it is always a time when we can pause to reflect, reassess, remember, re-envision, reawaken, and restore. Seems apt for this time ;) Here are the Astral Insights for what we can expect during this next cycle…
First from the wonderful Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“Yes, it’s THAT time again! Mercury is radically slowing down, preparing to go stationary retrograde at 24 Cancer on June 26, 6:08 am PDT, 9:08 am EDT, 2:08 pm Greenwich. This has important implications for all signs…”
“The coming retrograde will be an extremely important one showing us what we care about, where our ‘line of supply’ comes from, and who is part of our Spiritual Family. We shall learn how to achieve harmonious ways of relating to others, as well as parts of our inner nature…”
“In late June and early July, we can see what life has prepared for us since the last Mercury retrograde. This Mercury retrograde will offer us opportunities to look back and distill wisdom from our past experiences…”
“This retrograde will help us take a new look at what we need and our sensitivities so that we can come to a new understanding of our interdependence with those in our environment. Here we learn indirect or roundabout ways to relate our feelings to our minds and bodies, or perhaps take a new look at how our feelings are or aren’t bringing us what we like and value.”
“Consider the next 3 weeks as a bridge to a new year, where we will find many interesting insights based in looking back or within…”
“Trust your final insights more than your initial ones, and see what is emerging and integrating, or what needs nourishing or caring for. This is where we get to look back on what has been and what is happening right now in order to get insights into what is to come. It will certainly be an important retrograde, given the aspects in play!”
“This chart gives us several extremely important aspects indicating what’s up both for the next few days and the entirety of the retrograde period. The day that Mercury goes stationary retrograde, the Sun makes its very powerful Grand Water Trine I’ve been writing about since earlier this month. Add the Moon trine Mars and Jupiter, and this retrograde should bring both a stable flow and some great ideas, connections, and interactions!
“Given some of the aspects, expect major choices and changes throwing us forward into a greater vision or social effectiveness!”
“…This Mercury retrograde will give us many signs and signals for what will dominate Mercury-ruled areas from mid-July through mid-October 2013. This retrograde is a time of critical choice and change, where we can take a new look at what’s behind us before moving forward anew at the end of the RX period. We can get all kinds of new insights into future potentials, while seeing things in the recent past differently.”
“…While there will be some hard edges, this time should help us integrate our feelings with our sense of alternatives as we approach a threshold of some sort. We will have to mobilize during this retrograde, but it should be pretty obvious what we have to do. Keep it balanced, organize with others to make something fair or more ideal, and keep seeing the big picture while flowing toward a new life allegiance.”
“For all of us, during the next several weeks the future that’s already rolling forward will slow a little so we can get a new look at crucial elements of the process we cannot afford to ignore. We will all have opportunities to grow in natural and caring self-expression and find seed-knowledge that we can use to bring something back under control that threatens to explode out of control.”
“Open to exchanging views and information to come to balanced dynamic actions about things that require repair or reconstruction, and rehearse and/or research potential futures already showing themselves in symbolic forms.”
“This is the beginning of an important phase shift in all our lives, as well as the threshold of a new way of living, feeling, and knowing. It promises to be a very intense time that doesn’t make much sense, but it doesn’t have to. Learn to ride the waves, adapt and adjust to the limits of the circumstances and ideals available at the moment, and don’t get frustrated by the cross currents and abrupt plunges into a new flow.”
“…This retrograde marks a review and incorporation of a new receptivity to a greater spiritual wisdom. New feelings, new understanding, new ways of living, and new personality integration experiences are promised by this retrograde.”
© Copyright 2013 ~Robert Wilkinson All Rights Reserved
From Sarah Varcas from Astro-Awakenings.uk:
“…Mercury stations retrograde beginning a three week period during which we can test out some of our notions and adjust them as necessary. In the meantime considered planning is far better aspected than rash action, and patience recommended rather than urgency. All things will happen in their own time, not ours. And no matter how we’re feeling or thinking right now, that time will come soon enough… “
© Copyright 2013 ~Molly Hall All Rights Reserved
Found some great insights from Kosmic Mind:
“Past and unresolved material may resurface at these times, involving specific people, ideas, situations, or experiences. The more receptive you are to resolving or adjusting whatever shows up for you, the more productive and potentially rewarding your Mercury retrograde experience will be.”
“It is during these cycles that the normal rules of the game get changed around right in front of our noses, yet outside of our normal awareness. What is required is a different lens from which to view the flow of events in our lives..That means deliberately moving beyond our customary ways of interacting with life, and opening up, humbly, to an alternate dimension. It is when we surrender to the lessons provided by this new reality that we really grow and evolve beyond the known and familiar perceptions. When we continue pushing forward with what we think is the ‘right’ way of doing it, we often come out rather frustrated and feeling like a fool.”
“…Now it’s time to check in with our more subtle sense impressions, to adjust our reactions, and to get clear about how we’re feeling. Trust yourself, and trust what you sense is going on. Relying more on intuition will be a lot more productive than getting stuck in your head. This is a time to make sure you’re comfortable with where you are, that everything feels right, and that you have room to maneuver about without restriction.”
“Mercury retrograde in Cancer can bring about a powerful wave of nostalgia; we may feel suddenly drawn toward the past or a longing to return to some past experience or situation that provided a feeling of safety or comfort. Past relationships may play a prominent role and we can expect the reemergence of old friends, connections, or family members to be a key element of this particular cycle.”
“Whatever shows up for you, do your best remain receptive to adjustments that need to be made, or loose ends that require tying up. We may also get redirected toward feelings, impressions, or emotions that we haven’t properly processed or expressed–allowing for a gentle release and expression to take place.
“This is also a time where we can receive insight into the deeper nature of our reactions, and to work out any flaws we notice within this internal space. Take time out to nurture yourself, take it easy, and be gentle. There’s been so much to process lately, especially in this post eclipse phase.”
“Use this retrograde cycle to to feel your way through whatever you’re working with, and take your time with it. The past two months brought about a lot of changes, internally and externally. Mercury’s retrograde cycle is going to provide the chance to get comfortable with all of this, and to familiarize ourselves with this new undigested material. The best way to do that is to relax, slow down, and trust the process.”
“..At the initial stages of the retrograde shadow we begin thinking about what we want to transmute–during the retrograde we get a chance to actually rework our strategy based on our intuitive feelings and hunches. Once Mercury goes direct we’ll be in a much more stable and clear position to actually begin to implement and move forward.”
“So as you feel this need to really break free from something–stop, pause, and reflect on what’s motivating these feelings on a deeper level. There’s a lot more to explore here than what we see on the surface and we need to get clear about our true motivations and agenda. The only way to do that is to really check in with yourself and get in tune with your emotions.”
“This Mercury retrograde cycle is a preparation phase for when Jupiter enters this alignment mid July and additionally forms some miraculous configurations opening up fresh, expansive, and creative opportunities. Lead with your heart and not with your head–or rather, let your heart guide your mind to what is truly aligned with the highest purpose. That’s always easier said than done, but Cancer’s ultimate strategy is most definitely heart-centered.” 
© Copyright 2013 Kosmic Mind  All Rights Reserved