Mercury Retrograde is upon us (March 22 till April 15th) and in Aries it will be teaching us about patience, mindfulness and restraint.
Personally and collectively, we will be looking at the ways in which our anger and frustration need to be dealt with and unraveled so we can transform our relationships. 
This is no easy task as most of us have never been taught how to properly communicate. I super highly recommend (if you aren’t already tuned into) the teachings of  *Nonviolent Communication* by the late Marshall Rosenberg.
I recommend checking out his Audible book Nonviolent Communication (which is free if it’s your first time), he explains and illuminates so much, it is such a powerful and super helpful tool!! If only we could all tune in and listen to these teachings the world would be a much different place.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved readers of the planetary movements. First from astrologer DIVINE HARMONY:
“With Mercury in the sign of Mars (Aries) and a Mars retrograde coming in the summer- we are all being asked to reign in our will, drive and ego energies in heathy ways!
“The coming months of Mercury Retrograde (and the following Mars Retrograde in June/July/August) is a time to master our masculine side rather than indulge in reactivity, impulsivity and rashness.
“Thing is- neither Aries or Mars like to be told what to do! You tell them what to do and they want to do the opposite.
“We all have to cultivate our capacity for self-discipline and self-awareness right now and in the coming months (personally, politically, globally and collectively).
“Having the wisdom to see the long-term repercussions of actions taken and words said right now is key.
“This is not a time to burn bridges but instead to go back over the past and see where the previously built bridges were shoddy or where they have fallen out of repair- and then get to fixing them! (literally and metaphorically)…
“One of the defining signatures of this Mercury Retrograde is his station retrograde closely square to Pluto…and his triple square to Saturn- particularly the one around 4/2-4/5 when Mars is also involved.
“Mercury square Saturn is twofold. On the one hand it is a call to get real, be masterful and deal with things with maturity and restraint.
“Yet shadow Mercury/Mars- particularly when Mercury is in Aries- is repression, depression, restriction and power/control dynamics in communication, information and thinking…
“The first of the 3 Mercury/Saturn squares was on March 10th- the other two are on April 5th and April 25th.
“The period around April 2nd through 5th is extra potent as Mars cojoins Saturn in Capricorn and then they both square Mercury…
“Mars/Saturn is great for disciplining the will and harnessing our anger/drive but it can also manifest as smoldering but repressed anger and rage that is barely being kept in check.
“With the square to Mercury in Mars ruled Aries- a pressure cooker kind of energy can be present in communications and interactions with others right now.
“Be aware and navigate with care! This is not a time to blurt things out or take impulsive action. It can cost us!
“Instead it’s a time to have a healthy sense of self-restraint, count to 10, breathe, and check our reactivity.
“If you cannot do this find some place to be alone and take a pillow and scream in it (i am not kidding). You need to let the energy out in conscious ways without repressing or stuffing it (it will just come out uncontrollably in ways you cannot fathom).
“…This is definitely an intense Mercury Retrograde- there is no way around that. What we CAN do with this energy is work on our relationship to our anger, rage, aggression, will and drive.
Learning to relate consciously to this part of ourselves- seeing where our anger is Sourcing from.
“Doing shadow work and self-inquiry around the triggers arising can be very fruitful at this time. It’s great to have an ally during this process as a lot can arise and having a great therapist, healer, friend to process with can be worth more than gold.
“The best use of this Mercury Retrograde is to do inner work- particularly around reactivity (calling ourselves on it, waking up in the midst of it so we can stop it from running us, etc…) and also keep this mantra in mind: be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle…
Choose your words wisely in the coming months and fight for that which is worth fighting for…
“No fighting from a closed heart. Staying connected as you passionately express yourself is the path to healing.”
© Copyright 2018 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
from LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“Generally, when Mercury is in Aries, we tend to act first, think later. This is a placement of snap decisions, quick thinking, speedy responses and visionary ideas…
“When Mercury retrogrades through Aries then, all this energy is drawn inwards. The point is to slow down, to listen first before speaking, to think before doing.
“But of course, we might struggle against the slow pace. For some, the ideas that they were so confident about might go off the boil.
“We could find ourselves second guessing, unusually nervous or lacking inspiration. We could back down instead of speaking up or struggle to clearly define goals.
“It’s also worth noting that Mercury’s shadow period begins on the same day that Jupiter stations retrograde. Faith is lacking, and progress stalled.
“Aries, as first of the signs relates to seeding, springtime and beginnings. Mercury’s retrograde through this sign suggests that some of the seeds we’re about to plant might not bear fruit or perhaps they will become unwieldy and take over other areas of our lives.
“So it’s time for a re-think.
“Silence may be exactly what is needed as we move into the retrograde period. Normally Mercury in Aries is noisy but now the volume is turned down. We need to get comfortable with silence.
“All too often, people get into the habit of talking to fill the gap because silence can be scary. 
“Beneath silence is the real conversation which goes beyond words…
“Mercury trine to the North Node on March 30 however gives us a clue that whatever is happening now has the ability to open the way ahead. This is part of our evolutionary journey.
“If we’re quiet, we can hear the call of our soul as it whispers ‘this way’ as well as hear what is unspoken between us…
“Friction is most evident during the middle of this retrograde period when Mercury aspects the lingering Mars-Saturn conjunction in Capricorn. A Mercurial square to Mars on April 4 is followed by a square to Saturn on April 5.
Arguments could erupt around this period due to increased frustration with the slow pace, especially as Mars is the current dispositor of Mercury.
“Mars conjunct Saturn is like driving with the brakes on. We could feel frustrated that others don’t support our ideas. Decisions could seem unworkable. Actions could be delayed. Communication aggressive, denied or both.
“These are ‘slam the door in your face’ aspects that shut down the possibility of finding workable solutions.
“Everyone needs to take a breather and stop revving the engine.
“Much of the frustration that occurs during this time is because we want things to happen faster than they are. The best way to navigate this stormy period is to practice patience.
“As they say, if it’s worth having, it’s worth waiting for.
“In the event of communication breakdown, accountability, responsibility and a willingness to listen will go a long way towards dispelling verbal spats and encouraging a mature dialogue.
“We are mentally clearer on April 9 when Mercury moves into a trine with motherly Ceres. We need to speak to ourselves and each other with tenderness. This is about nurturing ideas…
“Once this Mercury retrograde is over, we will be strengthened by having a higher perspective. We must rise above petty grievances and have the courage to communicate with clarity and expanded awareness.
“Collectively there may be some angry confrontations but there is also strength in numbers. Where there are important issues close to our heart, we cannot remain silent. It’s time to rise up and lead the way to a higher vision.”
© Copyright 2018 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
These are not easy times, but we must keep in mind the larger picture and understand that these are the places that we need to be in order to further our evolution. We will get by. Time to alchemize!
Love and Blessings~