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Welcome Mercury Retrograde! Hopefully by now we have all learned not to fear it, for it is simply a part of the natural cosmic cycles and can bring with it many valuable gifts!
After a strong beginning to 2015 which has moved us into setting plans in forward motion, we have an opportunity to slow down a bit and now go over the plans we have set.
This is a great time for going over the details, researching, reflecting, cleansing, clearing, and delving deeper into the various aspects and dynamics at hand.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA ASTRAL INSIGHTS for what we can expect and the collective energy this particular retrograde will bring, from Mercury Retrograde expert ROBERT WILKINSON and his Aquarius Papers:
“…I know there are many unfortunate things attributed to Mercury retrograde, but there are also many productive things that get done, connections that are made, and different angles of view glimpsed that make our understanding more complete and well rounded…”
“The coming retrograde will be an extremely important one showing us a new look at what’s been unveiled, or needs to be unveiled, in our lives. Things from the past will be reevaluated, re-examined, or understood differently.
“We can get a new look at our goals and ambitions within a larger social whole, as well as new insights into old friends and past group work. Some will get insights into how to manage something differently to achieve a greater ability to contribute in the world, and at times brilliant short cuts can be glimpsed that will accelerate our growth.
“As Mercury goes retrograde in the Air sign of Aquarius and stays in that sign the entire retrograde period, it marks a big shift from past Mercury retrograde periods. Last year’s 3 retrograde periods all began in early Water signs…while this year it’s entirely an Air affair!
“Consider the next 3 weeks as a bridge between an old way of seeing things and a new understanding of a bigger picture and how everything fits (or doesn’t) in that picture. This time will bring interesting insights through looking back or within about prior relationships, past goals and ambitions, and why certain things came down the way they did…”
“This one allows us to take a look back at how we’re using Aquarius energy in our lives, see who our allies and friends truly are, open to a larger vision of cooperative synthesis, and say goodbye to old illusions.
“…For all of us, during the next several weeks the future that’s already rolling forward will slow a little so we can get a new look at crucial elements of the process we cannot afford to ignore.
“All of us will have a new understanding of what matters to us by mid-February, and will find ourselves ‘liberated from adverse conditions by spectacular events that mobilize us to action,’ which may involve some form of ‘cosmic visitation.’
“This will be another important retrograde, where the past will be reviewed to see what we can and cannot bring with us into the future in mid-February.
“It will help us rehearse or do the research we need to get ready to spring forward in early March, clear about what we know, what we need to know, and what must happen if we are to move forward in our lives.
“Renewals, returns, reconnections, reunions…are promised by this retrograde.”
“While it seems as though Mercury retrograde is associated with things that malfunction and miscommunications and delays, we must remember that in actuality, no planet or its influence is good or bad unto itself….
“We have free will and no planet or star ‘makes’ anything happen. They merely indicate the larger patterns we live within, and so by understanding these patterns and what they symbolize, we are in a position to be in harmony or disharmony with inner and outer ‘reality.’
“This is the power of our individuality to rise above inertia, superstition, and belief systems that are obsolete, inadequate, or fear-based…”
“By learning how to use Mercury retrograde periods wisely and consciously, even if our affairs are momentarily diverted in strange directions, coordinated in some unusual ways, or take some peculiar twists and turns, they often turn out for the best over the long run, whether we knew that or not during the retrograde period.
“Often we get useful information and insights we overlooked before the retrograde, and these times help us factor in different pieces of our life’s puzzles so we can operate more effectively after the retrograde period ends.”
Copyright © 2015 Robert Wilkinson
If you would like to learn more check out Robert’s Book A New Look at Mercury Retrograde
Some important points from astrologer KELLEY ROSANO:
“This is a great time to go back over things. It is excellent for research work. This is not an ideal time to start a new job, relationship or project. If you can wait until Feb 12 your patience will pay off.
“Yes, the show must go on even with Mercury retrograde. We can’t stop life. Nor do we want to slow down business. You have to do what needs to be done.
“If you have to start a new job or make a major purchase. Just make sure you read the fine print before you invest your time and money. Keep all your receipts. The devil is in the details when Mercury is in retrograde.
 Copyright © 2015 KELLEY ROSANO
And from the wonderful SARAH VARCAS for her
“The Sabian Symbol for this degree speaks of unmasking to reveal true motive and intent. There is nowhere to hide as Mercury journeys retrograde in the coming weeks.
“Deceptions large and small will be revealed whether we like it or not, not to destroy those who perpetuate them (which we all do to some extent) but to provide a wake-up call which both course-corrects and realigns us with truth and authenticity. We will all have the opportunity to look ourselves in the eye and see who’s really looking back at us, before painting on the face we prefer to show the world.”
“We are speaking here not of intricate scams executed to deceive but of the everyday twists and turns we undertake to avoid coming face to face with who and what we truly are. It is time to illuminate our inner world and look around with eyes wide open to all that we see.”
 Copyright © 2015 SARAH VARCAS
Let’s make the most of it!


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