Mercury will be stationing retrograde from October 3rd to October 25th in Scorpio. A reflective opportunity to look back and gain insights that will allow us the ability to see things from a different angle.
We turn to a true expert in Mercury Retrograde, the always visionary Robert Wilkinson, from his Aquarius Papers to gain insights as to what this retrograde might bring. Professor Wilkinson says:
“Yes, it’s THAT time again! Mercury is radically slowing down, preparing to go stationary retrograde at 3 Scorpio on Oct 3, 10:02 am PDT, 1:02 pm EDT, 6:02 pm Greenwich (BST). This has important implications for all signs…”
“Until then, adapt to the slowing pace of things, be willing to put some things on hold for a little while, and take a look at what’s been set into motion up to now with an eye to seeing what has to be done before things can again move forward in late October.
“I know there are many unfortunate things attributed to Mercury retrograde, but there are also many productive things that get done, connections that are made, and different angles of view glimpsed that make our understanding more complete and well rounded…”
“The coming retrograde will be an extremely important one showing us how to feel a deeper connection with others, learn cooperation, and give us one look back so we can get clear about how to use the wisdom of our 2011-2012 experience to a) repair something, b) reconstruct something to get a different view of what happened and why, and/or c) find peace in having overcome old dramas we no longer need to be involved in.
“We can get a new look at recent balance or imbalances in our relationships, and receive blessings from Spirit once we’re willing to ‘let go, let God,’ especially if it involves old resentments and unnecessary limitations.
“We can get new insights into old feelings, desires, losses, legacies, and prior unfair situations in self and others. Some will get flashes into old conflicts in desires, or cross currents between our magnetism and others’ magnetism. This will lead to new perspectives over the next several weeks…”
“As Mercury goes retrograde in the Water sign of Scorpio, pay attention to reflections, returns, and new insights into the emotional intelligence that you’ve been cultivating since June 2013. This is the second review in 2014 of the Feeling-awareness we all experienced from the time of the Grand Water Trines of June, July, and August 2013 through this past Spring. This can give us a new perspective on what’s shifted since then, and will show us how to be more cooperative in our social interactions.”
“…Consider the next 3 weeks as a bridge between old experiences where some hard dues were paid, and new ways to live in relationship with others. This time will bring interesting insights through looking back or within about prior relationships, shared values, or why we had to leave certain people behind.
Pay attention to the signs, signals, information, and understanding that come through your feelings and introspection, since seeing how things have changed the past few months will bring clarity about the new cycle in play since July.”
“…For all of us, during the next several weeks the future that’s already rolling forward will slow a little so we can get a new look at crucial elements of the process we cannot afford to ignore. We will all have opportunities to take a new look and find a new way to apply our emotional realizations we’ve had since Summer 2013.
“This period offers us excellent chances to rework how we interpret our desires, our sense of relatedness, and what we like and what we don’t. It’s a great time to get a different view of how we attract what we need to thrive, and how our emotions and ideals relate to each other, and how these do or don’t fulfill what our subconscious minds desire.
“All of us will have a new understanding of what matters to us by late October, and will find peace in contemplating old struggles now in our rear view mirror.
“This will be another important retrograde, where the past will be reviewed to see what we can and cannot bring with us into the future in late October. It will help us rehearse or do the research we need to get ready to spring forward in mid-November, clear about what we know, what we need to know, who we need to get closer to, and who we need to say goodbye to.
“Renewals, returns, reconnections, reunions, and rebeginnings are promised by this retrograde.”
Copyright © 2014 Robert Wilkinson


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