Mercury-goes-DirectART: MYSTIC MAMMA

Mercury went direct! Here’s the wonderful ROBERT WILKINSON from Aquarius Papers with some insights on what we can expect now that Mercury is going stationary…
“Mercury goes direct in motion June 11, 3:33 pm PDT, 6:33 pm EDT, 11:33 pm BST, and speeds up for the next 10 weeks.
“This shows a quickening of the ability to coordinate, put things together, understand the whole and the parts, the process and the larger cycles…”
 “What does Mercury going stationary direct at 5 Gemini hold for us? …This Mercury station at 5 Gemini shows some very dynamic aspects!
“….productivity, unique opportunities and openings, with a need to rein in eccentricity and willfulness, and a need to be clear about what roles we are and are not playing.
“This can bring reform wherever we have Gemini in our charts, and show us a way out of confusion, ambiguity, or ambivalence.”
“….Over the past 4 months, due to Mercury’s last direct station at 2 Aquarius, we’ve been glimpsing a greater, broader way to make a contribution to our world through some sort of direct action.
“We have had to mobilize in some way, rise to some occasion, and weave or re-weave something of our understanding so we could be guided to our Soul using the qualities of 2 Aquarius.
“Now we face 4 months of being guided to our Soul using the qualities of 5 Gemini. Again, how we use those realizations to coordinate those into our lives over the next 4 months will show us our way to a deeper connection to our Higher Self and others over the next few weeks.
“In any case, we should all start seeing, hearing, and understanding things that point the way to some Mercurial technique of how we have been and continue to be guided to our Soul.
“Given that it falls at 5 Gemini, it shows us that we’ll understand something about ‘social propaganda,’ and find something we feels need efficient reform.
The Sabian Symbol for Mercury’s Direct Station
“The Sabian symbol for the 5th degree of Gemini is ‘A radical magazine.’ As I just mentioned, in the original notes from the Marc Jones class on the symbols, Rudhyar says this is a degree of ‘the compelling power of social propaganda,’ ‘Exteriorization of emotional sympathy in organized reform,’ and ‘efficiency.’
“In the Mandala he goes on to say this is a degree of ‘the explosive tendency of repressed feelings and root emotions,’ and states this symbol is about things being bound tending to explode after a period of time. This is a degree of moving from form into formlessness.
“He says this is ‘the experience of a world of being so far unperceived by the everyday consciousness which starts the process.’ He concludes this could lead us ‘to reach beyond established forms.’
“So this degree is about going beyond the known and familiar to reach a state of discovery not perceived before now. He states this degree falls in the Span of Zeal, Act of Differentiation, and Scene of Discovery on the Actional level.
“Dr. Jones, creator of the Sabian Symbols, says this is a degree of ‘the necessary element of change in human affairs,’ and how the ‘remote’ potential ‘will have its full and functioning part in any immediate reality.’ Here we see our power ‘to give high exaltation and dramatic force to whatever succeeds in stirring (us) deeply within (ourselves.)’
“He further states that ‘the supremacy of inner over outer compulsions’ is emphasized here. He offers the keyword TANGENCY. He goes on to state that when operating positively, the degree is ‘personality in its highly effective capacity for putting its stamp on everything it touches….'”
Aspects in the Shadow Zone
“We will also be re-tracing our Aquarius lessons from now through June 26-27 due to Mercury still transiting its ‘shadow’ span, ie, the span it’s in since it went retrograde at 14 Gemini. Of course there will be residual echoes for the next 14 weeks as well.
“Mercury going direct will re-activate many of the aspects it’s made over the past few weeks. At various times over the past three weeks, it’s made an important conjunction, along with semisquares, noviles, septiles, sextiles, quintiles, squares, and biquintiles with other planets, showing we’ve been getting a full range of experience that has brought inner conflicts, spiritual realizations, turning points, gifts, unique experiences, and created some space in our lives that will be filled with new activities in the very near future.
“It now begins to move forward. This direct period is interesting because Mercury immediately makes a strong semisquare to Uranus followed by quintile to Jupiter which continues through the Solstice occurring June 21 at 9:38 am PDT, 5:38 pm BST.
“The semisquare will put a hard edge on things, so don’t get too wound up or erratic, or thrown off by others being this way.
“The quintile to Jupiter will bring high specialization and/or unique gifts and circumstances that bring together the houses where we have Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, as well as influence any planets we have in these signs.
“The next aspect Mercury makes is the square to Neptune just after the Solstice, but given the Sun and Mars are favorable to Neptune, that square should bring clarity, stability, precision, and vision.
“That square will help us redirect the momentum of things, force us to grow or even become more ambitious, and give us the ability to get beyond the shadows created by our limited mental approaches.
“Just after that, Mercury makes a septile to Uranus, showing an emergent turning point in how we choose to generate and use power on a social level…”
“The great news is that just as Mercury leaves its shadow zone on June 26, we have a very powerful productive and stabilizing energy in play with Mercury chasing a sextile to Uranus through July 2, a sextile to Jupiter through July 3, and a sextile to Venus through July 4.
“That should make for an extremely productive and harmonious time, since it splits the very harmonious and stabilizing Aries-Leo Fire trine into two productive sextiles. Adapt, learn, express, open, and be versatile in moving between points of view…”
© Copyright 2015 Robert Wilkinson
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