Mercury, the planet that rules communication, just shifted out of Pisces into Aries bringing with it a sense of fiery passion. Here is a wonderful report on how to handle this energy, from the always insightful Dipali Desai from her Celestial Space Astrology:
“Mercury enters Aries on April 7th, 2014. This suggests ‘get straight to the point’ type of communications and thinking. This can be very useful yet for some people, this type of communication may put them outside of their comfort zone.
“Mercury (planet symbolizing communication, linear mind and thinking) in the fiery dynamic sign of Aries suggests mental energy that is fired up and passionate. There may be potential for assertiveness in conveying information, spontaneous thought or ideas, quick and fast evaluations…”
“Be sure not to make too many wild assumptions now. Watch the energy behind the words as it may come out sharp, jabbing or dominating.”
“At its potential Mercury in Aries provides a mental state that is full of courage and eager to explore new ways and ideas. Communications then become more motivating and confident. As Mercury travels through the pioneering sign of Aries, it may prompt you to be bold enough to say what you need to say without holding back but making sure to use loving-kindness and respect. Before speaking with that person or people, ask your Soul to help support your communication and thinking to align with the highest and best outcome…whatever that is for everyone involved. Ask for love and respect to flow in and through you too.
“From April 13th through April 15th, 2014 — Mercury in Aries will happen to make a powerful ‘conjunction’ or unite with Uranus in Aries while making a ‘Square’ to Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter in Cancer. This whole astrological configuration suggests unpredictable, sudden or out of the blue communications or eruptions of arguments and tension that has been building or boiling under the surface. Shift in perception sets things in motion.
“Yes, it is wise to monitor yourself during this time.  Yes, there is a perception that may need adjusting and change. Unstable thought processes and even overly impulsive or aggressive speech if this energy is expressed in its off-balance way. Certain fears or anxieties may arise now seeking to point out what is no longer of use within thinking or mental attitudes.
“It’s time for a big change. The main issue will appear magnified. Deal with it head on now. Don’t wait too long otherwise the intensity and wild energy will build and erupt when you least expect it or want it to. It will help to periodically address something in stages so the energy has regular outlet.
The potential: Unusual shifts in perceptions are possible through assertive mature communication as some information that is revealed or discussed could have a long-lasting impact and support change or healing. Be as direct as possible and remember, you are responsible with how lovingly and firmly you deliver the information. You are not responsible for how another interperts or processes their emotions. Mercury in Aries suggests being brave enough to step into new terriorty, one that is full of life and passion.
“Mercury in Aries, helps to fire up the mental energies and encourage action or the pursuit of new ways, ideas, paths and possibilities. Confident communication is possible when you realize you can choose to grow rather than say you ‘can’t.’ Mercury remains in Aries until April 23rd and then it enters the earthy sign of Taurus.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved