mystic mamma
“It’s May…In the feng shui seasonal cycle, it is the time of wind and wealth. Considering wind in its esoteric meanings, it is the Breath of God, the time when the Earth breezes carry the sweet floral fragrances to our sensitive human noses.”
“It is a time of opportunity, from which wealth originates. If you are not ready for opportunity when it comes, you will never be wealthy. Opportunity is called “windhorse” in this tradition, and your job is to be ready to ride. The ground is fertile, the energy is springing forth; what are you planting? What ideas have been set in motion by your winter dreams? This is a time of first fruits of those thoughts.”
“The more you are in sync with the season’s energies, the more you will be eating fresh, local, natural foods and feeling their vibrant aliveness in your body. You may be walking or working outside more, soaking up sun after a winter of enclosure if you are a northerner. In any case, the wind energy implies movement. Get up. Get out. Get going.”
“Wind is also the voice of other people. They invite you, tell you places to go, people to see, things to do, encouraging that spring-forth movement toward new opportunities….”
“Clean out, de-clutter, give away anything which makes you worry when you look at it, especially if it is in your wealth gua (the area to the far left kitty-corner from your front door or door to any particular room). Whatever you look at in that area should make you feel rich by your definition. Just taking your junk to the recycling center or Goodwill gets you out of the house and out of old thought patterns, those hidden in the back of your mind like that dusty, broken thing over there…. And on your way home, take a side journey, following the breeze or your nose, open to a new adventure.”
~Carol Bridges from Sacred Arts


And another May message from Hope Nicklay at Spirit Citrine Healing:
“Let go and let things unfold.  May will be energetically full of blossoming abundance, connection, and creativity.  The energy for May is so Big that it could seem overwhelming…take a step back. In May you must act with perspective.  Do not allow life to overwhelm you.  You can easily trust that life and OTHERS are working with you in the best way.  We tend as humans to over-react and pre-judge experiences and the other people we experience them with.  So in May you have the ability for your energy to be greater than life and this can work for you if you take it all in stride.  Act as though you were already actualized as the best version of you: compassionate, prosperous, joyful, abundant, peaceful. “