“Loosen your moorings, journeyer—make room for miracles and expanded realities!
“In receiving this lens, you are asked to take a quantum leap, beyond the confines of your known reality. You are becoming open awareness, an open system.
“Because of humanity’s mass agreement about ‘how reality is,’ you may have constructed your reality based on fixed beliefs in such things as restriction, denial, limitation and judgement.
“However, when humanity reaches the critical threshold of change in its belief system, reality shifts to reflect that change.
“Set aside how your reality appears. See the universe as an inseparable whole—-one hologram made up of a vast web of interwoven possibilities.
“You can affect and draw from that energetic field now. You can create the reality you choose.
“A shift of realms is taking place. At this nexus of time and space, powerful galactic energies are meeting your expanding perception of what is possible.
“Anything you have defined in a limited way is open to transformation.”
~Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner from The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light