>>> Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon in the Gemini >>> a potent time of seeing and releasing outmoded  patterns and ways of being. Here is the major astrological download from the best readers of the stars…
First from the insighful Molly Hall and Astrology
“Are you experiencing breakthroughs in perception that at times are unnerving and other times inspiring? This is a mercurial eclipse, once again inviting mental flexibility — the psychic space to change your mind. This gives you freedom to make shifts, and align with the leading edge of your soul purpose….”
The deepest layers of the psyche are giving up their treasures now. What will we glean from all this, in a time of great pressure to grow, adapt, rearrange the pieces? The energies of Scorpio and both its traditional ruler Mars and modern ruler Pluto are magnified at the eclipse…”
“We’re able to read a situation on many levels, and trace psychic responses back to their origins. And the saving grace, is the heightened intuition and encouragement to see the bigger picture — with the Gemini-Sagittarius line illuminated…”
“The Venus-Saturn conjunction brings out a craving for deep satisfaction and worthy goals. These two pairings are sextile to each other! This means it’s a mutually enforcing matrix to organize your thoughts and set your aim. The longing is for substance, authenticity and true wealth…” 
“Remember the indigenous elders saying to slow down, when the world speeds up? There’s a standing invitation to step out of the collective madness, and know the power of coming down to earth. What activities earth you the most?”
“Is there a way to minimize the white noise? Gemini is tuned in to multiple frequencies — which channels help you get your freq on, and which take you down roads to nowhere? The protocol is for tonics, people and foods that calm you. Since this might have the feel of a dark Moon, rest and quiet clear the mind for those intuitive hits to come through.”
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From the wise  Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“Eclipses occur because the planes of the Earth, Moon and Sun come together at two nodal points in space…. A double triple crossroads, if you will, between different states of being or different dimensions of reality. Since triple crossroads mark fateful forks in the life’s journey, eclipses mark points where choices make a difference…”
“The choice offered is, do we move forward into the future or continue to cling to the past?”
“…At this last eclipse in the series, we get to see how far we’ve come in our personal task of transforming our mind…”
“This lunar eclipse offers us a chance to look at our old beliefs, old paradigms and old inner stories and see how small they’ve become for who we are now…”
“As we approach Winter Solstice and the darkness deepens, we literally look to a rebirth of the Light.  How much light shines out will depend on each of us.  The Light of Life needs a new Story, a new belief on each of our parts to accept our personal destiny as well as our collective destiny… This lunar eclipse gives us a chance to choose the story without the tragedy…”
“We need a Bigger Story so that we can gear all our creativity toward healing the Earth and healing ourselves from long centuries of war and fear.  We do this so that all of our children will have a chance at a good life in the future.  Our first sacrifice entails letting go of an old story of entitlement and taking on a new story of responsibility and cooperation.”  
“It’s time to save our world. The Pluto in Capricorn/ Uranus in Aries square is certainly carrying the 60s revolution onward.  We are going to set those 60s beliefs about the Earth, our resources, our connections with people and nations, our work and our health, our freedom and equality into action.  We are going to make them the foundation of a new society.”
“The Sabian Symbol for the Sun at 7* Sagittarius is: Cupid knocks at the door of a human heart…It is time to open our hearts to our heart’s desire!  It will lead us to our destiny.  Remember Love is the first and mightiest Power in the Cosmos.  Love channels the creative force of the universe and stands against the destructive powers of creation.   Love connects us to each other and to the Earth.”
“The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 7* Gemini is: A well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees.   This symbol speaks to a deep, fundamental belief in the sustaining power of life.  We have made a connection to the Waters of Life, which nourish the trees to their full growth.   These images call on us to release our fears about life and open ourselves to the Divine Spirit of life which will sustain us, even in death.”
Neptune and Chiron in Pisces challenge this full Moon to stay open to other realities and other ways of knowing, such as the feminine, empathic, instinctual knowledge that our society has tried to ignore and make irrelevant.  Open to Great Mystery and see what you discover…”
“…Finally, there is a very strong YOD, or finger of Fate focused on the Moon at this eclipse.  Sometimes called the sword in the stone, a Yod is a great talent or blessing that needs the right time and person to weld it.  One leg of this Yod focuses the energies of Venus and Saturn in Scorpio, transmitting their information about deep emotional transformation to the Gemini Moon. The other leg of the Yod focuses the energies of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn, acknowledging the need for social change.  If the Gemini Moon can take this information in and attune our minds to it, we will indeed see marvelous changes in the future.”  
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 From astrologer Jana Groscost Matthews from New Moon Manifesting:
“A Full Moon is the time to get connected. Information from our guides is heightened during this time so tune in to the subtle messages and promptings…There is an energy building inside that needs to be revealed and expressed. Over the next two weeks you may have clarity and understanding about what that means for you…”
“The full moon “illuminates” what emotional wounding needs our attention, what direction we need to follow, what emotions need to be expressed, or what needs to be released from our system.”
“It’s a great time to create a ritual of releasing whatever emotions are highlighted and releasing them. This could be done by writing down what you wish to release and burning the list. With this exercise your intentions are released with the smoke for the Universe to assist you with resolving. Your intentions can include physical issues, emotional wounding, spiritual distress, fears, doubts, un-forgiveness, judgments, blame, etc. Ask your Creator for clarity in understand whatever stands between you and what you want.”









“As the moon travels through the earth’s shadow a lunar eclipse occurs. This may make you more sensitive to issues related to the collective consciousness…Be alert to what new ideas or direction you’re being guided towards. The solutions may surprise and create astounding results!” 
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From astrologer Anna Chapman at The Cosmic
“Saturn and Pluto added to this Full Moon equation certainly alter our conventional experience of such an event. They have been called wet blankets but in truth give us a great opportunity to leap beyond the illusionary stuff that causes us to struggle and sufferThe emphasis here being on the elimination and transformation of inherent qualities in the outmoded structure.…”
“The other supporting players here—Black Moon Lilith conjunct the Moon (slightly less than 2 degrees separation) A reminder of our inherent nature. And yes, we can go into all sorts of fears around expressing that based upon memories of: torture, grief, abandonment, death etc. but here also is the wisdom to know that these are thoughts and the experience is being brought to this moment from the past and are not real/do not exist now…”
“Remind your self of this if you hop onto the treadmill going nowhere fast. Self-realization requires one to move beyond the fears associated with the egos desire for existence. Within the Black Moon Lilith is both fear of annihilation and the power of knowing annihilation is not possible…”
“The Sabian symbol that describes this Full Moon is “A Well With Bucket And Rope Under The Shade Of Majestic Trees” imploring us to dip into the depths of our beings, that which has lain in the shadows, and to allow that to be our strength and the root of our existence—a return to that which we are that does not change.”
“Having just celebrated Thanksgiving we are all in a place of feeling gratitude. This Full Moon, that is packed with potential, so much so that we all are projectiles waiting to be launched and whether we resist or abide, is another moment for heartfelt gratitude. Gratitude for anything and everything that propels us beyond or deeply into our truth. …May the additional energies of this Full Moon propel you into a place of ultimate stillness even as we dance with our egos and their unessential demands.”
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From the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Spheres of Essence:
“Some issue or tendency will be illuminated under the Full Moon phase. Something that was just shy of your awareness will reveal itself. It is looking for you to become aware and then to transform it rather than distracting yourself away from it. The Sun in Sagittarius provides expansive insight and the Moon in Gemini offers variety of ways to look at it. Remember not to over-analyze things right now as that will deter you from the purpose of a Full Moon phase which is to listen to the emotions and bring greater emotional awareness.”
“During this time, emotions, issues and or situations may be exaggerated. Emotional waves may move in ways that scattered your attention very quickly…The issue that needs your attention will appear larger than life right now. This is the spot to cleanse, heal and let go. Since Eclipses signify endings, letting go and closure. Why not go for it? Get on with closing the door, literal or symbolic.”
“…At the time of Lunar Eclipse/Full Moon it is helpful to tend to your needs and what will deeply nourish you. Let yourself be in tune with the flow rather than resisting it.  The Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in Gemini brings the opportunity for you to transcend duality and rise higher onto the Soul-level awareness and bring in a greater sense of harmony and peace within your being.”
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Lastly from astrologer Patricia Liles and The Power
“As we rise up to meet this new level of consciousness and evolve our ancestral patterning, we are offered tremendous support for our courage to burst through the secure and familiar and step into the jelly-like energy where so much creativity exists.   (Comfortable, no-exhilarating, yes!)”
“With the simultaneous closing of so many megacycles and calendars – Hindu, Hopi, Mayan, etc., this magnificent energy comes through each of us personally while the larger, collective dynamic evolution unmistakably takes place. “ 
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Blessings of love and light to all!!
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