Beautiful reflection from the always wonderful Sarah Varcas from her
“This weekend an opposition from Saturn to the Sun and a semi-sextile from Venus to Neptune remind us that sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to simply let it go unsolved, to live with its questions hanging in the air, for a while at least, and see how that feels.
“If you’re anything like me it’ll niggle and nag away at you, stealing rest and peace while it occupies way too much of your energy and attention…. and then, gently, gradually, it will begin to take on a different hue. The creativity which lives at the heart of uncertainty and confusion will begin to bubble up to the surface.
The blessings of having resisted the urge to jump in and get everything sorted will reveal themselves in the form of new perspectives, deeper insight and a patience you wouldn’t know you had if you hadn’t decided to stand back and let the problem realise its own true nature.
“Which is what problems do given enough time. They’re alive, just like we are. They, too, arise out of environmental conditions, like us, and they change and grow into something altogether new if we let them, just as we do given the space and time to do so.
“The more we can welcome a problem as a curious acquaintance on our journey rather than an obstacle to it, the better able we will be to allow the things which stress us to become the roots of our wisdom and growth rather than the cause of our resignation and despair.
“We do not have to work everything out, make life water-tight and fool-proof. That’s not life, that’s sterility! Instead the presence of problems in our life speaks to us of potential, of the beauty of a universe with paradox at its very heart and mystery coursing through its veins.
“The modern world largely dislikes the unknown. That’s why we want research into everything, experts to tell us what to do and answers available at our finger tips at all times of the day and night! God forbid we should not know, or, worse still, we should make a mistake and end up somewhere we didn’t anticipate as a result of too readily grasping the wrong end of the stick.
“But this weekend the universe whispers gently in our ear, ‘There is no wrong end of the stick. A problem is not an either/or, a test you pass or fail. It’s a source of mystery, intrigue, creativity. It is the Divine itself, speaking into your lives, revealing the very heart of existence in which all things – every contradiction and paradox, truth and lie – live and breathe in harmony’.
“It can be so hard to grasp, this mysterious world in which we live, the life we have been entrusted. Its vastness intimidates so we shrink it down to a manageable size, narrowing our field of vision and reducing the chances of unpredictability and unbidden occurrences.
“In doing so, however, we fail to realise that we render ourselves less effective, not more, because when we are side-swiped or blind-sided by life, as we inevitably are from time to time, we are ill-prepared, believing that such things will not happen in this safe little realm we have gone to such trouble to create.
“Which is why the cosmos right now encourages us to embrace the unknown, the mystery, the divine discomfort of not knowing what to do or how to make something better; not knowing how to get back to the safety we thought was our own.
“The more we can do that this weekend the better able we will be to respond to life from a place of raw creativity and newness, not stale and rehearsed habits and attitudes which can only ever take us back to where we’ve been and never forward to where we need to go.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Sarah Varcas. All Rights Reserved