MYSTICMAMMAphotobyMichael Rothman


“You are being called to create your life in a more mythic way. Spent time coming to clarity about what your personal myth actually is. Remember: you are the creator. Life does not just happen to you! Examine the parts of your life script that are not working so that you can change and rescript those parts that are not serving your most expanded unfoldment as a hero/heroine of your myth.
“Start by owning your projections; that is, be willing to look at both what qualities in people you are attracted to (heroes) and those which you judge and which repel you (the villains in your storyline). Remember also that what appeared to be tests and trials in your life are actually priceless gifts and teachings.
“By looking at your life as a grand adventure, you know that these lessons offer opportunities to grow. Living your life in a more mythic way means learning more skillful means to deal with apparent tests and trials of the quest…
“Evoke the potent power of the violet flame of transmutation from the mythic level of your ‘I am’ presence, to heal and transform any areas of self that you have not yet loved into wholeness.”
~Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner from The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light