“Imagination is the force that pulls your physical, emotional, and mental energies into dynamic harmony, giving wings to your soul.
“When your imaginative life is rich and generative, you’re in vital touch with the rhythms and messages of your body, heart and mind.
“You’re no longer saying ‘yes,’ feeling ‘no’ and acting ‘maybe.’ You’re making art of your life, and the radiance of this creative living attracts others who want to live soulfully as well.
“We all have the capacity for creative integrity, whether we are shoemakers or ballerinas. You just have to determine to settle for nothing less than being fully alive—to show up, be who you are, and share your gifts…
“Imagination involves giving your intuitions form. Playing out hunches. Making your visions happen. Enriching your world, putting your mark on it.
“The way you dress, the way you cook and eat, the way you arrange and furnish your home, the way you speak, write and think, all add up to your personal contribution. And it is your sacred task to express your true self with flare and authenticity, your gift to give the world.”
~Gabrielle Roth from Maps to Ecstasy: The Healing Power of Movement