“Like the dance of opposites, let your mind play between ideas. Allow the creative chaos of competing ideas and points of view.
Think with an open mind. Investigate all possibilities.
By seeing the opposites, you will understand the inherent duality of life, which is created through the relativity of the mind.
When you resist the inherent nature of the mind to create opposing ides or to investigate a new subject, you close the mind down. Your mind athrophies. In keeping your mind and beliefs in check, you suffer headaches and loss of energy and or/ engage in unhealthy behavior to relax the mind.
The mind is in chaos during periods of great intellectual revolution or when your personal life is in flux. When things are coming apart in your wolrd, let the mind wander and bend-otherwise mental stress or breakdown may result.
Time of change is chaotic but creative. Let the interaction of different ideas recreate your life.”
~James Wanless, Ph.D