Here is Kaypacha’s  latest astrology report featuring the breathtaking photography of my dear friend Angela de la Agua~
Mantra for the week:
“Death as my constant companion,
Like grief is here to remind
That beneath the surface of everyday life,
My soul’s purpose I must find, in time.”
He says:
“We are in tense times now and are being pushed to BE and DO (masculine and feminine working together) ALL that we can BE and DO…. or else face some rather dire consequences (personally, in our relationships, socially, economically and more). While these stressful times can hit us hard, we can and will also make the greatest strides, the biggest breakthroughs and evolutionary leaps into a new paradigm where the truth of love is realized! Injoy the process…. it’s all there is.”
He also talks about the shift of the ages that is occurring with rebalancing Feminine energy on the planet, and I wanted to share with you, that this coming Equinox, MYSTIC MAMMA in collaboration with will be hosting a very powerful gathering of women who will be entering into deep prayer and ceremony under the guidance of our wise wisdom keepers, the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, for the benefit of all beings~
The Spirit of the Feminine is being reawakened and on World Water Day, as women of all nations,  we will gather in a private ceremony for a blessing of our waters, around the sacred Montezuma Well (known as the dwelling place of the Feathered Serpent). We will be awakening this Feminine Spirit back from within the deep waters in the center of Mother Earth. Join us, physically or from the place of Spirit from wherever you stand, in seeding this energetic shift on World Water Day as we collectively unite and enter into ceremony sending waves of love and deep prayer for our Mother Earth and all of humanity #IN THE NAME OF THE MOTHER.



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