Here is our dear Kaypacha with the weekly astrology report…
“On assignment in a foreign land,
Seeking Truth to understand,
I find there’s way more than I thought,
More than my teachers ever taught.”
He says:
“Whoa, these are intense times.. Talk about nerve racking, stress producing, and tripped out! Well, you are not alone…”
“We need to hold on, hang in, stay the course, a develop a relationship to the human element here so as to effect the healing that is so desperately needed.”
In the report he says:
“This is a time of major adjustment. And adjustment is not fun. And adjustment can be scary. And adjustment can be irritating. And there can be shocks and surprises…”
“There’s security in the known and the familiar and we are moving into the unknown and the unfamiliar. And it can be mind blowing and threatening….
“We are like snakes shedding our skins. And it’s going to feel kinda weird and kinda scary to let go of that skin…”
“….It is a time of irritability, it is a time of impatience, it is a time of speaking without thinking, really willfully impressing ourselves, and arguing and fighting and violence…it’s like I’m feeling overwhelmed and I’m going to come out with all my canons blowing…”
“In these challenging times you gotta breathe, you gotta chill… The remedy is nature.”