Herbert James Draper


Here is brother Kaypacha with collective astral insights for the week…
“The more pleasure I can take,
The more I move emotion,
The more power I will have,
To manifest creation.”
He says:
“Welcome the new Moon in Aries! This powerful new Moon conjunct Uranus, square Pluto, and opposite Lilith will set the tone of self assertion for the month.
“The healing power of the north node and Jupiter in Virgo can now be directed to restoring and building our inner sense of self, our confidence, and our will to create the world we have been envisioning.
“One way or the other it will push us into our individual self expression.
“Self trust comes from self acceptance on all levels including the physical and emotional.”
In the report he says:
“We have to be at home and comfortable within our own skin, with our own selves. And learning this unconditional self-love is by accepting our bodies and accepting our emotions as who we are as where we are. I am who I am and that is that…”
“We are who we are, and it’s time to stand in that power. Stand in that glory and that’s what Aries does.
“So this is a powerful month. And we want to get rid of the shame. Stop being ashamed of ourselves…
“Get real and get down and Feel. And love…that feeling and love that body. And love being here and love the Mother and love Nature. That’s what’s going to restore us.
“That’s what healing..this healing is restoring, rejuvenating, remembering our roots, who we are.
“Reflecting on the inner world…it’s all inside. The universe is inside you.”