Here is brother Kaypacha with his weekly astrology report.
Mantra for this week:
“Knowing that the ego,
Is the source of all my fear,
I stay within my Spirit Self,
Where all is calm and clear.”
In the report he says:
“This is like the big week, the grand finale. Yes siree, after 2 1/2 years of Uranus Square Pluto… the final, the 7th exact square of Uranus Square Pluto.
“And I know if you are a human being, you are feeling it.…These are big changing times… people are really going through it. It is stress, it is tension, and this stress and tension can lead you to over-reacting of out of stress, out of irritability, out of fear…we can really like freak out.”
“…the winds of change…this is the time of getting used to change, of flowing with change, or really wanting to understand the beauty of change, the necessity of change, all evolution and growth is change.”
“It is time to really release, let go and surrender. And this is challenging of course. To what? The ego…Your spirit self is totally cool with all of this.”
“…people are also having like major breakthroughs…. It’s an amazing time of clarity….this is a time…the veils are being yanked back, yanked open.”
“…After this, it starts to dissipate, it starts to go away….a lot of things are coming to clarity and resolution.”