Franz Zmurko


Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrological download…
“Love truly is the answer,
Whenever I’m in doubt.
It is the reason why I’m here,
And what its all about.”
He says:
“Today, Thursday that is, marks a portal with the Sun and Mercury opposite Pluto, into a new reality. Seize the opportunity to transform your attitude/perspective and amazing things may result! Venus is rising from the underworld, Mars is emerging from the depths of Scorpio, the Moon is waxing in Leo….. on and on. This time period could be likened to the post-operation period of recuperation haha!
“We want to take it very easy on ourselves, knowing that we have been through an overhaul, and not jump prematurely back to the old routine but savor the process and change that routine to fit our new identity!
“Indeed! This is what the Year of Purification is all about and leading us into. Through all the challenges and the crisis, it has been helping us to boil our thoughts, deeds, and actions down to the bottom line = Love…we have the chance, with a slight push from Life, to open our hearts to love.
“It’s turning around now, and if you stop and breathe and taste her, Life will fill all your senses with sweet nectar.
“As we set aside our goals, and our hopes, and our future expectations of ourselves and the other, we find the undercurrent of life taking us exactly where we need to go to find ourselves and love.
“This is the magic of Chiron/Neptune in Pisces trine Venus in Cancer, and Mars in Scorpio. We have indeed hit a turning point in June that, now through, will allow for our resurrection into a new light, a new life, and perhaps a new path!
“Not with instant gratification, the energy will be building slowly, but truly, a new horizon awaits those who are ready to leave the past behind. Injoy!”