Here is our dear brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrology report…
“Like a captain sailing stormy seas,
I must stay awake and on course,
For anything comes and anything goes,
On this journey commissioned by Source.”
In the report Kaypacha says:
“This week, this whole weekend in particular, Mars is coming around opposing Uranus squaring Pluto…
“Uranus is the unpredictable, but this unpredictable has great spiritual intelligence behind it. Unconscious spirit intelligence waking us up, that may involve giving us a kick in the ass, that may involve super success but I’m tell ya one’s thing for sure, it’s not predictable. You want to be ready for anything to happen this week.
“It is a time of being very alert, very awake, and listening to the land, the weather. Watching for the signals, the signs, people coming in giving you messages, people leaving your life.
“This is a time to really be very conscious and very aware. It’s very stormy seas where anything can happen..”
“…As Venus moves into Scorpio next week, we have the mystery realm and this is the time of penetrating through to the deeper intelligent mystery that lies behind the events of our lives. When our plans go awry, or when our plans go on course. It is always, always giving us constant constant feedback.”
He adds:
“Well, as Churchill said: ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.’ These times can be either depending on how much you desire or resist the evolutionary impulses working through your unconscious soul…”
“The majority of us will be experiencing some of BOTH, as there are areas of our lives where we embrace change and others where fear rules. The main thing to keep in mind during these times of transition is to stay awake at the helm and observe what is working and what is not.
“The universe is giving us direct feedback on what we need and will serve us and the future, and what is hindering our progress toward a sustainable, loving, and healthy future. Watch what happens! Be ready to hoist or drop your sails at any minute, and most of all, enjoy the excitement of not knowing everything haha!”