Ernst Stöhr via MYSTIC MAMMA


Here is brother Kaypacha’s Astrological Pele Report Report for this week starting October 8, 2014…
“As I discover just how different I am,
From so many other women and men,
Instead of hiding I need to come out,
Giving us all permission to run, jump, and shout.”
Kapacha says:
“Welcome to the eclipse season! These are tricky waters to navigate as the energy goes bonkers the next couple of weeks. You may find yourself vacillating between the extremes of rebelling (sometimes without a cause) and, fearing negative results, squelching your unique expression. Ruthless rebelling can cause upset and adverse reactions from others messing everything up and stuffing your feelings can cause nervous indigestion if not downright craziness! 
“The trick here is to trust that yes, you are different and have a unique purpose/mission on this earth and you are not going nuts AND, with patience and keen awareness you will see when, where, and with whom it is ‘appropriate’ to share your unique identity.
“With the proper strategy great advances can be made and magic can become a very real part of your life. Not acting strategically can really set you back. One way or the other there will be few dull moments so stay awake and be prepared for the unexpected! Enjoy the process of BECOMiNG.”

Music by Adey: