mysticmamma-stillthemindPHOTO: LEJAREN À HILLER  

Here is brother Kaypacha with the weekly astrology report:
“Whenever I get emotionally involved,
With being right or wrong,
I know it’s time to still my mind,
And be guided by Spirit’s song.”
He says:
“The Full Moon in Sag (today/Tuesday) wants to write a novel! Suffice it to say that it is becoming increasingly more important, and at times more difficult, to not just bridge the ‘above’ and ‘below’ but to merge them. And yet, as humans, that is our very task.”
“Well, we are in quite the intense period here with Black Moon Lilith opposite Chiron exact this week (in orb 5/26 – 6/22).  Put that together with the Pluto, Jupiter, Mars Yod (today) and Sun (Friday) and we are all getting a dose of some pressure that can lead to anger, depression, outbursts, and tension AND/OR be great exercises in staying ‘spiritual’ IN THE BODY. 
“Like an acupuncture needle, we are getting ‘pushed’ into the flesh haha!  Easy to be spiritual outside the body and easy to just be physical in the body but BOTH????  oh Yeah!”