Folade Mondisa via MYSTICMAMMA


Here is brother Kaypacha with his weekly astrology report:
“If I share my opinion and receive opposition,
I know it’s a chance to grow.
If due to hurt feelings, I hide or I fight,
The truth I may never know.”
Kaypacha says:
“Well, that is no ordinary fully Moon out there…Did you see Jupiter right there next to her! Jupiter opens and expands, so when he’s connected to the subconscious lunar energies things can go wild, yes?!  Are you feelin’ it?
“For better or for worse, our emotions are bigger for awhile than usual. For some who are locked up or disconnected from their feelings, it can be like a delicious plunge into the waters of feeling.”
He also says:
“Jupiter is not always a bag of Christmas presents (at least on the surface). Let’s not forget that he is also the ruler of Pisces where we have 4 planets now which can lead to confusion, chaos, and craziness in order to bring up from the depths of the unconscious, patterns and issues for healing. “
In the report her adds:
“This is really a time of adjusting…we really need to find the medium, the way, of how to get along without compromising our expressing, while at the same time, taking the needs of the many into consideration whenever we are trying to do something or make something happen…so this can involve arguing, fighting, disagreeing…Lilith is really intent, she’s the rebel…this is going on for a few weeks, Lilith moving through Virgo.”
“All of this is for healing. All of this is about Healing. And it can be a healing crisis….Like a blackhead or zit it’s got to surface and then it’s got to burst open in order to be cleansed to be purified…”
“…it’s like a volcano all of this deep stuff needs to be brought up to the surface, brought out, talked about, shared, so that we can come to a deeper understanding…”
“It has to do with forgiveness, it has to do with compassion for all the unique, we may figure bizarre or unusual, needs, desires or expressions of other people.”
“…Detach a little bit, get some space and really look at things from all sides, from all angles. And then get some peace. The way of the peaceful warrior.”