lisa runnels via mysticmamma


Here is Kaypacha’s weekly Astrology Report for this week beginning October 28th 2014.
“It’s not necessary to control,
For the outcome of my life,
Is the result not only of my doing,
But of feelings deep inside.”
Kaypacha says:
“The beautiful part is the Sun/Venus trining Neptune/Chiron over there in Pisces.  If you can find the time and place to connect to the great Gaia this is a powerful time of healing…
He adds:
Mars in Capricorn coming up to Pluto is a time of great ambition, drive, and accomplishment. AND, the evolutionary process is furthered through integrating it’s opposite polarity, that of Cancer, the watery, deep, inner feelings. If we can go in as far as we go out, we can stay in balance which is both healing and more fun.
“The downside of these aspects is falling into becoming an obsessive compulsive obnoxious…pushing and shoving everyone around to get your way…”
“What’s more, these feelings can then be projected out on the world so we can think that everybody is no good and it is a dog-eat-dog world and the patriarchal programming will have succeeded in keeping everyone at odds with everyone else!
“Time to bust the programming and move into a more loving, united, community of co-workers instead of competitively feeling our feelings which connect us to Spirit and each other….”
Lastly in the video Kaypacha says:
“It’s not this masculine Doing. You have to balance Doing with Being. Because we know we can do do do do, work our asses off, kill ourselves, just bust our butts! But if we feel guilty, if we feel ashamed of ourselves, if we feel unworthy deep down inside, there is this inner saboteur that will come along and sabotage all of our efforts. So it becomes necessary, it becomes important, to really go in and reflect on these inner feelings….there’s all kinds of ways of getting in touch with these deeper feelings…”