Here is brother Kaypacha with his weekly astrology report.
“To bridge the separation,
There is no application,
I must use imagination,
And develop intuition.”
In the report he says:
“What we tend to do, is we tend to do jump on one side of an opposition and project the other side of the opposition onto somebody else…” 
“The blossom, the flower, the positive outcome of this is it’s all about self-discovery….It’s all about becoming more conscious of our unconscious.”
” This is a time of going deep down in under and tapping into…maybe it’s some memories from childhood or past lives or you know grade school teachers, who knows…but we tend to hold on to conditioning, to childhood patterns…”
“It’s time to graduate from the school of childhood. We’ve gone through childhood to learn certain things…
“So we want to bridge the separation. And the way out of polarization, the way out of battle and fighting and arguing is to move toward that opposition, toward the polarity point.”