For all of you that dig Kaypacha’s Pele Astrological Report here is the latest…
As we keep moving into new frontiers and expressing our truth is good to be reminded that others will react. These reflections are opportunities for growth. Objectivity is key when dealing with what feels like adversity. The image above seemed like a good visual for this time as a reminder that we can always join the council of elders (in our meditations) and gain perspective, grounding, and inner guidance as to how to walk with grace and be able to take in the reflections that life is revealing to us.
Here is what Kayapcha has to say:
“Now get ready for Mercury to go into the fire and square Saturn this week! Remember that things are not as bad as they look/feel during these transits. It can be a time of deep reflection and new understanding if you take the time and have the determination to stick it out. The Friday Moon/Venus conjunction will lighten it up and some fireworks may fly when She moves into Libra Saturday……Injoy!”
Here is Kaypacha’s Mantra for the week:
“As I speak my truth I must be prepared,
For others to feel, react, and share,
If I can get over feeling threatened and scared,
I will learn the lessons Life has for me there.”
The report is cued as always, but you can move to beginning…