Here is an outstanding report from Kaypacha as always illuminating our energetic seas. He says:
“We’re all diving down into the underworld of our unfelt feelings these next couple weeks. Let it up and let it out and don’t make it too real. This period can best be described as ‘weird’ so don’t get too ‘weirded out!’ I suggest it is all about ‘enlarging your space’….. we all need to give ourselves a bit more room to move, feel, react, and release….. take some time to yourself, for yourself and let others have their space, too…. Self knowledge sometimes costs but is well worth the price in the end.”
Here is Kaypacha’s mantra for the week:
“As the pelican flies high into the sky,
Then dives for food in the sea,
I need to remember that the Great Mother,
Is always providing for me.”
He also says that with this Venus retrograde it’s about re-defining our relationships and our values and reflecting on what we have been relying on for security, what we need for security, and how we achieve security. It has not been an easy time but has been forcing us upon ourselves.
He talks about letting go of what is not us, and coming back to what is simple, what is natural, what is “purely me.”
He says:
“Go to the oceans, go to the rivers, got to the lakes, listen to the rainfall…go into the stillness, go into the quiet and let these feelings bubble up…”
“Go in and reflect and find the feelings you have ignored…Don’t go to the addictions, don’t avoid the feelings, don’t deny the reality that you’re in. Look at the reality, look at the feelings, the negative feelings and that way you find your truth.”
He also says:
“You find through sometimes your pain, sometimes through your suffering, you find not only your limits,  but then you also find a greater capacity and an evolutionary growth and you let go….destroy the old values, sometimes destroying old relationships…old jobs…an old fake personas that we’ve put out. Get real…our feelings are real.”
He sums it up by saying “Feel those feelings, express those feelings…Get simple, get natural, get real.”
“Return to the Mother.”
 Such a good one, but always right?


PS: I seem to need to put a disclaimer up since this happens every time, but the video is working fine! If for some reason you get a “video error” it could be the browser you are using. It also does not seem to work on ipads or iphones. 






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