mati klarwein-



Here is Brother Kaypacha delivering once again with his astute and and in depth illumination of the current energies and how to best handle them…
Mantra for the week:
If my life is full of drama,
Shocks, surprises or emotional trauma,
I know I’ve avoided, denied or suppressed,
An Inner Truth I must now express.
He says during the report:
“We are in a space now of really coming into liberty, equality, no more external forces dominating us. So it’s time for each and everyone one of us to kind of do our own revolution and revolt against tyranny in all of its forms, and come into the sovereign space of I acknowledge my own power, my own sovereign ability, my own state of being…”
“It’s time for each and everyone one of us to take steps in our own lives and in our own personal relationships to define our boundaries and to expand our boundaries and to be bigger, and that naturally is going to create waves, like shock waves going out…we are not going to take it anymore and we are going to bump up against, and this is pluto in capricorn, we are going to bump up against all of our fears internally get projected out unto external authorities and it’s time as we confront and stand up to powerful egos outside of ourselves…claiming of our space out of love in a peaceful way, but in a firm, strong, clear manner.”
He adds:
“Try not to get to carried away by these strong currents of energy, but calmly and with inner power, see the opportunities to REALLY BE YOU! Finally, it is time! With love we unite to make the future collectively liberated…”
Blessings to all~