“Meeting my own Soul was one of the most dramatic experiences of my life.
“It happened when I was a student…studying to become a psychotherapist. 
“It was lunchtime, and I had a blinding headache. My friend…saw my pain and offered to give me a massage.
“We rested on the thick green lawn amid other students milling about, and he began to massage my head and neck. Instantly I entered a trancelike state.
“I didn’t want to surrender to this feeling, to let go and enter an altered reality, especially in front of other students, but I couldn’t fight it, and I sank into a calm, blissful state, allowing myself to relax and enjoy the experience.
“My head felt as if it was being moved in slow, small, rhythmic circles. I saw bright flashing lights...
“Suddenly, without warning, my consciousness—the part of me that thinks and knows who I am—flew out of my body and hovered over my physical self.
“I stared with wonder at the creases in my face and the lines on my eyelids. I watched my chest contract and expand. I saw the turquoise T-shirt I was wearing, except I wasn’t seeing it from my eyes, but rather from two feet above my body.
“And then I had the epiphany that changed my life forever. I am not my body.
“I had always desperately hoped that I would survive as a spirit after my physical body died, but I never completely trusted this to be true. I feared I might simply cease to exist and, like many others, felt the existential terror of disappearing into a black void.
“A moment later, I met my Soul. I felt an incredible loving Presence behind me, and it was pulling me toward Her like a magnetic force.
“The experience was like nothing else I had ever felt; it was practically indescribable. It was the most exquisite and intelligent Love, pulsing all around and within me, welcoming me home.
“I joined with Her and immediately understood the struggle of the physical world.
“I became overwhelmed by Love and compassion, and it became clear that my priorities—my life choices—up until that point had been dictated by fear. This surprised me, as I really thought I had been courageously following my dreams.
“Yet in this space of unconditional Love, I suddenly understood how much fear had been guiding me. I had not allowed my true Self to be expressed in my current life.
“I was filled with an absolute knowing that I have incarnated from the astral realm into this particular personality and lifetime to learn specific lessons—Soul Lessons—which were all planned for the purpose of my Soul’s evolution.
“I have lived many life- times of different races, genders, and social standings, all for this purpose.
“My Soul’s mission is to remind people of the reality of their own Souls’ existence. In fact, I chose my particular body, my personality, and my family to assist in the process of this particular mission.
“I ‘remembered’ how everyone makes the choice, from the Soul level, to be exactly who they are, complete with their talents, skills, flaws, and disabilities.
“Every detail is absolutely perfect for that particular person’s mission, in order to strategically break them open into their unique form and flavor of Love.
“It was clear from my new vantage point that all Souls have their own unique intentions, and our spiritual task as humans is to remember, to surrender, and to serve our Souls’ missions, which come always from this place of Love.
“We do this by surrendering and serving our Souls to the best of our abilities while we are here on Earth.
“After meeting my Soul, I understood the ramifications of my addiction to the illusion of physical reality. I saw how I couldn’t make room for a true and authentic connection to the Divine because of my mind’s shortsighted need for ‘proof’ in the physical world.
“I understood how limited my normal waking life was. Like a horse with blinders, I viewed reality through an incredibly narrow lens. How could I trust my Soul if I didn’t truly believe She existed?
“After this meeting with Her, I could never again confuse my Self with my physical body or personality.
“I could now forever identify as a Soul having a human experience—not a human with a Soul.”
~Elisa Romeo from her new book Meet Your Soul: A Powerful Guide to Connect with Your Most Sacred Self