“I come home to the Mother, when I need to recover,
She shows me I AM all that I need
And my fears are old programs I need no longer believe!”
Kaypacha says:
“Whoa! The Sun has gone into Scorpio and will be closing in for the eclipse together with Mercury and Saturn! It can feel like a pretty dark time (Scorpio is the underworld after all) when we get in touch with buried anger, bitterness, jealousy, envy, despair and all the other ‘negative’ emotions.
“Let’s keep in mind that Saturn is just giving us TESTS, this is not ‘REALITY’…… we create REALITY inside. If the caterpillar feared the cocoon it would never become the butterfly. Get down and go IN….
“The good news is that Saturn is very good at showing us what doesn’t work or what relationship or road we DON’T need to go down…..
“Keep in mind/heart that the universe is supporting you by shutting doors that go nowhere! Listen and learn…..CHANGE….Scorpio is about Transmutation…… Move on…. mutate…. find a new way to RE-late…… Injoy the process it’s all there is…… “
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