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Thrilled to bring to you these insightful horoscopes by a wonderful woman and friend, Elizabeth De Vries. She has been doing these for years and they were always guiding lights for all who lucky enough to read them. In the recent years, she shifted her focus to her art, but thankfully she’s back and offering her resonating astral insights. Enjoy!




by Elizabeth De Vries


 ARIES~  March 21st to April 19th

“The major wake up time for Aries the Aries Individual hits full force on September 27th,   the day of the New Moon in Libra. If ever there would be a day to contemplate the “inner worlds” and self change…a time to slow down and observe yourself in relationship with others…this is it.  Not only does the Sun Moon conjunction occur but Mercury, Venus and Saturn conjoin to create a stellium in your partnership angle.  The shadow of your soul feels exposed…sometimes through a partner…sometimes just through deep contemplation of your relationship with yourself.  The hidden parts offer themselves up for potent healing, realignment and non-judgment.  Slow down.  Stop driving yourself so hard.  Let your heart receive the Libran force of partnership, love and equilibrium.”


TAURUS~ April 20th to May 20th

“As a rule we do not give thanks over something which we feel we have not yet received, so to give unconditional heartfelt thanks to life and the Universal Life Force energies will re-instill in you a faith in yourself…in your accomplishing of your goals effortlessly, of life regenerating in new and magnetic ways.  It is as though you offer yourself onto the altar of gratitude with a full faith in the “unseen” forces feeling able to create unlimited possibilities for yourself and those whom you love.  What do you wish to experience right now?  Create a vision and picture it wrapped around by an unshakeable sense of Inner Conviction.  In the Western world we want “just the facts” while in the Inner worlds we KNOW that all that appear to be facts are in reality just an Illusion.  This strange dichotomy brings us back to the age old question “are we men in physical forms  dreaming or are we dreamers of the Inner Reality awakening in the Time Space Reality to the Illusion?”


GEMINI~  May 21st to June 20th

“Some truths exist which we can never prove through the reasoning process.  Arguing often dissipates the force of expressing such truths.  The advice for Gemini becomes one of assuming a more “silent observational stance” throughout the next few weeks.  The Force of Life is indivisible.  It is simply one field of Oneness.  Yet the Twins assume the arbitrary stance of first one perspective, then another….yet the Infinite cannot be divided against Itself so the Gemini soul must ask why he/she often chooses to act against his/her own best interests?  Why do you become the saboteur of your own existence….The traumas which you draw around you are illusions of your sense…of your ever active brain….and through taking the posture of the Observer you will experience a new sense of stillness and perspective about your own life which you never felt to be possible…”


CANCER~  June 21st to July 22nd

“Being one of the cardinal creatures of the zodiac, the onslaught of Pluto’s opposition coupled with Saturn’s square has prodded you to come out of your hermit crab shell and reassess all that you have done, all you are doing…and most of all is your heart connected to what you are pouring yourself into?  Bottom line, are you happy?  Do you still complain or feel old grudges against people who have long since left your life?  If you retain the bitterness or remorse it will only come back to attack your physical form in some manner bringing forth an ever greater desire to crawl into your own space and retire from the world.  Strangely the solution to our innermost problems often comes from making a 180 degree turn towards a new expression of life.  Why to resist change?  Perhaps you need to move out of your comfort zones, out of your work arena, out of that stale relationship….or perhaps just physically move to another home?  Whatever the personal message from your inner Being…listen….and simply take action.  You will not regret it”.


LEO~  July 23rd to August 22nd

“We never forget (at a subconscious level) what we have seen or heard…unless we consciously delve into our Psyche and seek out what is impeding our progress or fullest expression of Divine Creative Force. Translated…what is stored in the vast depths of the subjective mind becomes a dominant thread in the subjective thought patterns finally producing some form of outward manifestation in our life.  That which we greatly feared can come upon us.  In order to create a clearance we need to take time for deep introspection….pulling out the webs of thought which held negative perspectives of what life would be.   A grand mantra during such deep diving is “the Divine Source is all there is and I am part of That Divine Force and all of the negative thought forms which have congested in my mind, emotions or physical body are now liberated  as I assume a sense of wholeness and complete well-being..” It works!!”


VIRGO~  August 23rd to September 22nd

“Planets gather in your solar angle of personality giving you a monumental boost forward.  This is YOUR time of year.  Meanwhile Mars moves into the solar 12th house in the fiery sign of Leo bringing you a new sense of determination to battle the self doubts and ways that you create self sabotage.  As September winds down 5 planets congregate for the new Moon in Libra in your day to day living (making a living) house giving you incredible work opportunities.  A grand time to envision what you wish to manifest with full faith that the planetary energies are supporting you.  Your Inner Mind knows how to set it all up if you can just get your conscious mind out of the way and let go…Be still…learn mediation…walk near the ocean…feed the physical part of your Being so that the mind rests…Great opportunities abound.”


LIBRA~  September 23rd to October 22nd

“As Saturn winds through the personality angle your soul has been assessing and reassessing its deep sense of the power of purpose.  Your innate strong will coupled with a new sense of purpose exposes you to new ways to manifest your Creative dreams.  It is as though all of your ducks are literally in a row (five planets in a stellium on September 27th) and that the magnetizing force of this stellium reinforces your ability to actualize your purpose in a tangible way.  So keep moving…watch for doors opening…feel the new life into which you have stepped.  Share what comes to you with an exuberant and open heart.  You have earned this moment in the sun…and should you take your gifts to the world selflessly the sun will only continue to shine brighter and brighter…”


SCORPIO~  October 23rd to November 21st

“As you walk into the Neptune period of your life (the last 52 days before your solar birthday) the intensity of this past year dissolves into nothingness.  It is as though someone removed a load of bricks from your back as your step becomes lighter and lighter…the Scorpion has faced the underbelly of his/her greater fears over the past 12 months….oftentimes confronted the moments of greatest loss calling on an innate velour while learning a new mode of living.  Trust.  Karmically, to trust others in a “wise” way is one of your ultimate “soul” goals. For when trust in The Divine Source guiding your path becomes priority, there is no need to be a doubting Thomas about the intentions and actions of others.  Your potent Intuition leads the way and the pitfalls of dismay or distrust seem to melt away in the Light of new understandings.  Your Light is intense….your magnetism unlimited. Be mindful of the potency of this force which you carry and use it only for the highest and most radiant of intentions.  The sky is the limit…”


SAGITTARIUS~  November 22nd to December 21st

“With so many planets congregating at your midheaven focus on your career after what seemed like almost a decade of purging and the contemplation of the responsibility of power. Sagittarians are finally beginning to see that what they have envisioned is now tangible and within reach.  Take your time.  Cherish the Inner Work which you have done.  Acknowledge to yourself that the benefit and fruit of going through such tests has brought forth a joyous very “present” outer experience of life…Breathe into your most important decisions…the reason being that often in the past your impulsivity has gotten you into some very hot water. Gardening is a great direction for you for it teaches you the fruits of patience. Enjoy…all comes through nurturing, fertilizing and watering our dreams on a daily basis. “


CAPRICORN~  December 22nd to January 19th

“Saturn ruled individuals can be plagued by a deep sense of inner doubt which is often caused by excessive inner analysis.  A new project appears.  It is aligned with the soul’s intentions so hesitation does not present itself.  However as soon as the responsibility is assumed, the initial load increases tenfold in your mind.  New strategies feel big and complex reinforcing a sense of self doubt.  So the soul plunges headlong into finding solutions and weighing itself down with the yoke of responsibility.  One can feel defeated before even starting.  The solution relates to letting go of time frames, of holding the vision with a Light Heart…of allotting roles to others…not becoming Atlas through carrying the entire load by yourself.  On the new moon in Libra (September 27th) lay out what feels fair and just. What would like to see yourself accomplishing one year from now?  Then let go…take a break and kick back by being playful and free…Enjoy! “


AQUARIUS~  January 20th to February 18th

“For the first three weeks of September, several planets ride through the solar house of Scorpio forcing deep introspection and self examination.  Take time to reflect.  Slow down your pace.  Listen within. You are being called upon to live by the highest truth within you not the lowest.  The call to higher experiences brings forth your knowing of the real “goodness” which resides in your heart.  Thus the “highest good must become a normal experience of life for you.  A good mantra to be repeated should you care to do so is the following:  I treat myself to know that nothing in the universe could confine me, even if it wanted to.  I know that I have in this moment all the freedom which I choose to exercise.”  Your Aquarian understanding of freedom will resonate with these words on the deepest levels.”


PISCES~  February 19th to March 20th

“Virgo’s opposing planets bring forth the Inner Critic of your actions or that you may take on the criticisms of others directed at you.  Being what some call the “Cosmic Vacuum” of other people’s thoughts, dreams, fears and feelings, part of your soul lesson is to learn discrimination in what you choose to believe as true.  Your tendency is to grant far more freedom to others than you give to yourself.  As a result you could find people crossing your boundaries as you do not draw enough firm “lines in the sand.”  Rather than becoming hypersensitive to the actions of others, take a stand on the issues that really matter to you.  Define yourself with more clarity.  Consider what might be your highest ideals and stand with your integrity when these standards are violated.  After the sun moves into Libra (September 23rd), you may feel inclined to take time out for deep introspection and self examination.  Altogether a powerful two months for you.”

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Overview of Energy occurring by Elizabeth De Vries~

“Planetary influences are not only creating magnetic configurations in our heavens and on our energy bodies but are also mathematically creating structures which set forth alignments which shift the path of humanity. So when we hear of something moving into a square; two or more planets form a mathematical 90 degree angle.  Angles are sharp, energetic, forceful and life changing.  The squares creating havoc outwardly or inwardly ultimately become great catalysts for growth.  Observe your life.  Those times imbued with great trauma or inward edginess moved you out of your comfort zones into positive transformation.  At the same time planets moving into a trine are synergistically acting together to bring forth a sweet boost to our nature…to bless us with opportunity. “

“Trines feel good.  But sometimes, as with times of ease and comfort, we are inclined to rest on our laurels and do very little.  We float on the surface of life… Oppositions (two planets  in the heavens opposing each other or one planet opposing one of our natal planets) feel like something from the “outside” is hammering at us…being belligerent or antagonistic in a forceful way right up in our face.  Strangely this outward manifestation of angst is also happening within us forcing a clearing or healing at very deep levels. “

“In the past few years the planets forming long term intense squares have been Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus (recently) moving into Aries and Saturn sitting heavily in Libra…the latter squaring Pluto and opposing (by sign) Uranus.  So the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn or those with these planets heavily accented in their charts are going through immense change.  And on a global level, the entire world is going through this mucky, life changing, transformative time manifested by corporate structures becoming “busted”, banking systems having their derriere’s kicked, and injustice being brought into the spotlight. What slithered by us before under the guise of respectability is having its underbelly of corruption exposed in spades!”

Elizabeth De Vries is a mystic, writer, artist, intuitive healer, astrologer &  spiritual intuitive. To have a personal reading, healing or attend one of her classes call 818-416-1676.  Or visit:  +