FULL MOON Super Moon in Capricorn is here and this one promises to be potent and revelatory. With the Sun in Cancer, the archetype of the Mother, and the Moon in Capricorn, the archetype of the Father, the sacred balance and dynamism of the two becomes illuminated.
Take time to ground and reflect as the energy as of late has been emotional and streamed with karmic reflections. Illumination brings revelation but we must then have the courage to address so we can complete the karmic lesson and move more lightly into our future. Energy will shift next week, but for now must tend to the present and what is being illuminated!
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights form the most tuned in readers of the planetary movements. First astrologer Stephanie Gailing from Planet Apothecary:
Issues of security are brought to the forefront during the Capricorn Full Moon. It urges us to look at our life through the lens of the questions, ‘Where do I feel at home?’ and ‘How can I feel more safe and protected regardless of where I am?’
“In pure Capricorn fashion, these aren’t light-hearted questions, but they are ones whose answers can provide us with the riches of insight to live a more integrated and productive life.
“What’s also highlighted during this Full Moon is the importance of maintaining a balanced sense of perspective. Cancer inspires us to both feel as well as value our feelings. It has flowing, soft, and undulating energy.
“Capricorn, on the other hand, is not focused on feelings but rather on diligent and responsible approaches to accomplishing tangible outcomes. The question becomes how the nurturer (Cancer) and the achiever (Capricorn) can co-exist.
“One way it can be done is that instead of wallowing in our emotions, we take a serious look at them, inventorying what they may be revealing. Once insights are gleaned, see what practical ways you take action to structure facets of your life so that they will further nourish you.
“Also, with this Full Moon, we are reminded that while the past is essential, it’s important not to get stuck in it.What came before may be an integral part of who you are but don’t let it pull you from the joys of the present.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Stephanie Gailing All Rights Reserved
From the insightful Molly Hall from Astrology/
“Here we go again — it’s a crescendo of the ongoing cosmic big squeeze, and with very active, cardinal forces…There’s raw, instigating Aries and Mars energy, but the tones belted out in this opera of change come from deep soulful repositories and concern the big questions.  A peak of the Capricorn instinct, with the Full Moon, spins around themes of life’s work and/or calling.”
“…The angles to the luminaries (Sun and Moon) foretell a mortal struggle to persevere through the crisis of growth…There’s agitating pressure from all sides.  And huge rewards and leaps if you dig down deep, and find hidden reserves of strength. 
“Your character is fortified by creatively adapting to the demands of the times. Full Moons are revelatory — what will be revealed?
“By being alert and active in the current ordeals of your life, there’s light at the end of the Full Moon tunnel.  The Capricorn Moon is imbued with Pluto’s near-supernatural knowing, for potential clear seeing into the shadowy terrain
“What’s standing out here, is that it’s one to lift out buried treasures within.  And to unlock hidden pockets of pure creativity and vitality. 
“The overall forecast is for firming up resolve, and growing in your personal authenticity.  In a time of flabby integrity, the one that is determined to live their value, knows true personal power.”
“…At the Full Moon, we’re drawn into the karma-heavy, rich, musty, earthy caves of the planetary past — and can find the wisdom of the ages there…”
 “The Full Moon in this wise old sign takes us to the depths and the peaks. It’s a particular kind of sight, one where you might get the thousand yard stare. You’re watching with a knowing that includes the intellect, but is so much more.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Molly Hall All Rights Reserved
From astrologer April Elliot Kent from
“The Capricorn New Moon falls near the beginning of each calendar year. At midyear, the Capricorn Full Moon is its mirror image, the response to its call…
“This year began with a New Moon tightly conjunct Pluto, square Mars and Uranus. That was a harsh chart. It all but guaranteed a year in which skeletons tumbled out of closets and ulterior motives and ruthless ambitions were released into the general population like a rapidly mutating virus. A series of frustrating retrograde planets in the first half of the year ensured we would have to work very hard, against incredible odds, to accomplish the smallest things; even harder to nudge the dial monitoring our soul’s growth even one point into the black.
“This Full Moon, hovering again near the same celestial companions, signals a turning point. After six long months, we wish to squirm out from under Capricorn’s stern and melancholy thumb. Whatever your prison, you are gearing up for a daring jailbreak. New Year’s resolutions about earning more money, getting in shape, or finishing a novel seem a little trivial next to the overwhelming desire to end whatever is hurting us.”
“The Sun in Cancer, approaching a conjunction to Jupiter, is like a lovely and gentle mother who assures us…that it will all work out fine in the end. But the Moon in Capricorn is not in the habit of going easy on us.”
© Copyright 2014 ~April Elliot Kent All Rights Reserved
From the always inspiring Kelley Rosano:
“The Capricorn Full Moon on July 12 is a Super Moon. This means the Full Moon is closest to the earth and in direct alignment with the sun and the Earth. This makes the Full Moon extra intense and potent
“Change or be changed is the message of the hour. Capricorns know this better than anyone. Just ask one.
“The Sun is in Cancer. Cancer rules your emotional, needs. It is the feminine principal of receptivity and compassion. Capricorn rules your ambition and success in the world.
“The Capricorn Full Moon will bring to light where you may have gone too far in one area…The Capricorn Full Moon is calling you to balance your needs.”
“…You can meet your own needs finally. What you need is not outside of you….”
1. Do you need to establish better boundaries?
2. Practice healthy selfishness. When you put your soul first, you are in the driver seat of your life. You are the captain of your ship. It is the only way to lift your vibration and merge with Creator.
3. Raise your personal standards. If you are feeling needy, own it. But, don’t let it drive your choices. Or, you may attract in needy people who are using you to avoid the work they need to be doing with Self.
“The Full Moon in Capricorn empowers you to be your own authority. You are the authority of your life. Own your power. Do not give it away to others, the job, and so on. You want to empower yourself. Recognize your limitations and use them as your ally. Your limitations then become your strength.”
© Copyright 2014 ~Kelley Rosano All Rights Reserved
From the wonderful Patricia Liles from The Power Path:


It will take a great deal of presence, neutrality, and allowing to embrace the challenging realignment of energies that we are transitioning through on the micro and macro levels. 
“Much of these lessons will come through the experiences we create for ourselves to learn to balance the Masculine and Feminine influences in our lives.  We are forgiving what has gone before and letting it go.  Easily said, but a Big piece of our current spiritual work.
“Actually, there is every frequency of experience available in this chart from the highest to the lowest; it is a matter of choice from which frequency you choose to nourish yourself.  It is the lesson of our times.  It is the lesson of this Moon.   Are you going with a balanced expression of inner and outer – knowing your own needs (Cancer) and at the same times considering the needs of the other (Capricorn)– the family, community, society? “
© Copyright 2014 ~Patricia Liles All Rights Reserved
And from always insightful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“The Sun in Cancer ‘Opposition’ to Moon in Capricorn, suggests the key is to restore balance and equilibrium between personal needs and professional needs. There may be relevant issues around ‘father/mother’ dynamic both physical parents as well as Inner Archetypes. Where is the conflict? What heals? How to create harmony?
“…Under the Full Moon in Capricorn, many things may be highlighted and you may see the tangible area or areas which need the care, comfort and adjustment.  The Full Moon in Capricorn’s potential is achieving long-term emotional mastery, and tangible results that are of the highest quality.
“Perhaps this will inspire you to make a more grounded commitment for lasting change and therefore have realistic expectations of incorporating new habits and ways that are loving, healthy and are full of integrity.
Patience is essential now to handle or manage any emotional waves that are arising. The issue(s) is there to bring important insight and awareness. Be responsible for your emotions rather than projecting them onto others. They are not responsible for your happiness — you are.
“Step by step the goal is accomplished. With the Full Moon in Capricorn, it is imperative to learn to mature emotional responses and be responsible for one’s own emotional well-being and life. This may bring up opportunity to re-organize things including daily schedule, and how much time you give to care for your emotional well-being in a practical way.
“…Both Mercury in Gemini (re-enters Cancer) and Jupiter in Cancer (moving into Leo) are on the brink of changing signs. This is helpful to know as the next two weeks bring a surge of faster, bigger movement of opportunities, activities and growth.  By the end of July 2014, there may be a feeling or sense of a change in the air and some fiery energy to activate things. Changes are happening now!” 
© Copyright 2014  Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved


FULL MOON Blessings~~~


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