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FULL MOON rising in Virgo brings forth a healing perspective by illuminating what is at stake.
As Dr. Joe Dispenza has shared, “no organism in nature can live in emergency mode for extended periods of time and it is a scientific fact the hormones of stress down regulate genes and creates disease.”
The truth is most of us living in this day and age, whether because of economic or social pressures or a multitude of other circumstances, adults and even our children, are faced with conditions that can feel dire and are extremely anxiety and stress inducing. 
And what Dr. Joe explains is that when we are in a state of survival, our thoughts start to fire and forecast worst case scenarios which increase our stress response, which in turn causes our brain waves to become dysregulated. In this state, we are not able to create and thrive. 
So how do we get ourselves out? How do we move from surviving to thriving? This is the golden question.
And this Virgo Full Moon can perhaps help to illuminate for us, what must be faced and dealt with, so we can shift out of this state and bring more coherent healing energy into our bodies, minds and hearts.
She counsels us to take deep breaths and bring our thoughts back to the present moment, to our present awareness. 
She guides us back into the now, and asks us, how are we vibrating? 
What do we need to lovingly support ourselves during this time? She can help us see and asses what is needed and what practical steps we can take.
Virgo is the archetype of the virgin, whose original meaning was a woman onto herself. She knows that by abiding in her wholeness, she is able to discern clearly and choose wisely.
Holy and whole onto herself, she is the medicine woman within each of us that is dedicated to serving her people but knows that through healing herself she heals the world. 
So she takes the healing space she needs to discern the patterns and see what she must keep and what she must shift.
Like I shared many moons ago, Virgo is the Corn Mother who knows what we truly need for our sustenance, and can help us separate the wheat from the chaff, so we can focus on what truly matters.
Virgo teaches to get clear and align with our self-honesty and integrity. She is here to help us make a healing salve out of all our worries.
May her medicine serve us well.
With all my love~
~ Mijanou