FULL MOON is here again in CANCER. Here is an overview from the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“The Full Moon in Cancer at 18 degrees on January 9th, 2012 highlights such themes as our emotional security, family or ancestral issues, feeling of belonging or sense of roots and our professional world. The Moon governs over Cancer thus we may acutely feel or sense things under this full moon phase. It is possible we may need comfort, tenderness and sense of security. Our emotional levels may feel ultra sensitive and even a bit prickly if something or someone pushes on hot emotional button or forces us out of our comfort zones without our consent. Listen to how you feel. Yes gather the pertinent insights from unresolved emotional issues too.”
“The Sun in Capricorn (physical/professional) and the Moon in Cancer (emotional/personal) may be at odds, pulling in opposites directions. Yet, they can be very complimentary as we seek to find balance between both worlds.Through emotional reactions and sensitive issues that arise now, we can find exactly which spot or situation to address first.”

© Copyright 2001 2012 Dipali Desai and www. spheresofessence.com.

Here is some more great insight for the FULL MOON from the insighful  and her site wisdom-of-astrology.com:
“This first full Moon of 2012 highlights the opposition between the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, and speaks to the nurturing, creating and protecting aspects of life and society.  It brings up the archetypal powers of mother and father, the issues of nurturing and protecting, and impacts our emotional body as well as our social body. The energies of family and state begin our new year, the structures that bind us together….”
“This Cancer full Moon asks us to look at what is happening to our world and nurture a new way of being in ourselves and in our world.  To do that, we have to discern when to literally help, when to offer advice, when to stand silent and be a witness to new ideas and growth without entangling ourselves where we are not needed.  A good mother gives what is necessary for her child’s growth and consciousness, and sometimes this entails “not giving’ them what they think they need. “
“When your own mother, or your inner mother, cannot give you the love you deserve and need, turn to the Goddess, for she is the Great Mother of us all.  And don’t forget to be grateful for her love.”
“…This is the promise of the Cancer full Moon — to nurture the new Light being born within you and to learn how to bring it into the world for our communal benefit later this year.” 
“What does your intuition tell you to do about your life situation? Are you taking care of your needs so you can help others achieve theirs? What old patriarchal complexes — both in the mother and father complex- do you need to heal?   Become aware of how your life interacts with the life of the culture.  Are you bringing your nurturing gifts to our collective table?”
“…Mercury in Capricorn is joined with Pluto, deepening the mind to receive new information while it trines Jupiter in Taurus, grounding us in sensual reality as well as our values, so we know what we want to build.  Mercury sextiles Saturn and Neptune/Chiron, offering opportunities to expand our perceptions and our understanding of relationships (Libra) and both the group mind (Aquarius) and heart (Pisces).  Mercury squares Uranus in Aries which challenges the mind to think outside the box of patriarchally-approved ideas. “
“All in all, this full Moon wants us to become aware of our new potentials and then nurture them. Our culture (Capricorn) needs our innovative ideas (Uranus in Aries), our compassion for each other (Neptune in Aquarius/Chiron in Pisces), our sense of fairness and our need for good partnerships (Saturn in Libra). And they have to be Earth-based, Earth-centered. Our Earth (Taurus) is our only home (Cancer).”
“The opposition between Jupiter (expansion and belief) and Saturn (constriction and despair) stretches us to find a third way through our broken world, a path of beauty, discipline, excitement, deepening, imagination, compassion and desire.  It’s time to live fully and freely. Don’t forget to have fun doing it!
If we seek solace in the prisons of the distant past
Security in human systems we’re told will always, always last
Emotions are the sail and blind faith is the mast
Without the breath of real freedom we’re getting nowhere fast.
“Without freedom from the past things can only get worse.
Know your human rights, be what you come here for.
Sting, History Can Teach Us Nothing
“May 2012 be a year of love and protection, joy and fulfillment for all of us.”

© Copyright  from www.wisdom-of-astrology.com, www.imaginecoachingservices.com

I watched Tom Lescher’s weekly astrology video report and wrote down what I though was the key message and some very insightful info about this FULL MOON in Cancer and Mercury squaring Uranus, if you’d like to see his video you can find it on his site New Paradigm Astrology.
Tom says Cancer is about the past, family and our history, so he encourage us to change our stories and create new ones that make us feel good and empowered.
“When Mercury comes to square Uranus this weekend and we have this Full Moon…This is a very powerful time of switching, changing our thoughts, changing our stories, revolutionizing the way that we interpret Reality, the way we see things, and what beliefs we have around them.”
Lastly some wonderful insight from Bekah Finch from Mooncircles.com:
“This is the weekend of receiving the motherly love you need. 2012 has come in strong and most of us sense this is going to be a big year of change and growth. Capricorn has already gotten many making plans, preparations and their heads “in the game.” But the universe is about balance, and lest we burn out before February even gets here, Cancer asks us to take a break, check in to see if our “physical” plans harmonize with our “emotional” needs and lay our heads in her lap.”
“…It would also be a nice idea to get LOTS of hugs from friends, take a warm salt bath or hit the spa. If you feel like journaling, maybe just list all the emotional qualities you want to manifest in your life as you move forward in the new year. It is so easy to disregard our feelings when we are beginning a new year. Yet without a healthy relationship to the emotional body, a lot of plans will eventually fail. I recommend discovering your own Moon sign so you can spend the last two weeks of this cycle nurturing it.”
“Finally, Cancer is the lunation when I most like to make an offering back to the Mother. She is always giving and if we only take, soon she will have nothing left….”
“Be gentle with yourself this weekend. Drink lots of fluids; be around water in whatever way you can. Pay attention to your emotions. Do activities that are nurturing. And take time to honor and receive the Great Mama in your life.”
© 2012 Bekah Finch All rights reserved
FULL MOON blessings to you…our first one in 2012!