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Cosmically action packed times! Here is the gathered download for the upcoming FULL MOON / LUNAR ECLIPSE happening on June 4th, 2012!
From April Elliot Kent from
“Here is what happens during a lunar eclipse: the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon, blocking it from reflecting the Sun’s light….”
“Similarly, at a lunar eclipse our ability to transmit and receive light – to channel and midwife divine inspiration – is trumped by the impulses of pure worldliness…”
“… At the lunar eclipse, an antidote to these earthly difficulties seems to lie in the celebration of Earth’s healing, stabilizing powers…”
“At this lunar eclipse, there is something in you that longs to connect more deeply with the Earth, to drink from her cool waters and lay your head upon her sweet grass. Some long-ago pain has reared up and sent you packing, returning home to mother Earth for solace.”
“As you gaze up at the half-bitten Moon, know that the Earth is offering you something, some smooth block of marble, a piece of wood, a section of clay. Open your instinctive mind, and ask yourself: What is it that wants to be brought into being? And what is the right tool with which to carve it out?”

© April Elliot KentAll rights reserved

 From Sarah Varcas and her Awakenings Astrology:
“This is a very powerful eclipse. Of course, all eclipses are powerful, but the cycle to which this one belongs, and the nature of its energy structure, tells us that this eclipse is potent beyond measure…”
“This eclipse speaks to us of opposites and duality, and the process whereby two become one…opposites forming a greater whole. This eclipse cycle, to which the solar eclipse in May also belonged, is one that brings to us the fruits of past endeavours, the potentising of our hopes and dreams, into material form. There are deeply creative energies at work here, and we would be wise to appreciate them and express our gratitude for their coming to us at this time…”
“There are things, now, that need to be released, and they may not be what we originally thought. This eclipse may uncover fears and anxieties that we thought we’d dealt with but which need another airing in order to then let them go for good. This doesn’t mean things are going wrong. Far from it, in fact. If this eclipse brings us unsettled emotions it’s only because change does unsettle us. It unsettles the parts of us that want to keep us safe by keeping us in the known zone, and out of the risky uncharted parts of our lives! “
“But uncharted waters is where we need to be swimming right now, immersing ourselves within the possibilities and potential that arise when we embrace the messages that life is giving us and choose to live by them whole-heartedly and with unerring faith.”
“Living in the material realm as we do, we can so easily ‘fall’ for the apparent duality and separation in life. Here we all are in our separate bodies with our individual identities living our unique lives. I am me, you are you, thoughts are ephemeral and only the material world really exists.”
“This eclipse seeks to awaken us from this view, to recognise that any duality and separation that we perceive is only inside of us. We are all part of something so vast, so great, that we can’t even begin to appreciate the intricacy of it. And yet simply by recognising that I am you as well as me, our bodies are one, made from the same elements and particles, albeit in a different external form. And thoughts…well…they too live their lives in this universe, following their own destined path as we birth them into the cosmos, out there doing their own thing and following their own nature… Simply by doing that, we step into a whole other flow of time, creation and experience, which can energise our hearts, minds and souls in ways they’ve not been energised before.”
“The more we can recognise that how we view the world ordinarily is not at all how it is, and that to receive the infinite blessings of being here in this beautiful universe, we must recognise that we create, or destroy, that beauty everyday through our thoughts, feelings and actions, the more we’ll be able to tune in to the profoundly creative possibilities of this cosmic event. “
“This eclipse may have opposite effects on different people. Some of us may be energised and vibrant, chomping at the bit to get on with things and make progress. Sleep may feel like a thing of the past as wave after wave of inspiration and dynamism flow through us.”
“Others may feel the need to withdraw, to rest and let things be as they are for a while, as the eclipse energies play upon the strings of our own energy system, gradually tuning it ready for the next phase in our lives. However the eclipse affects us, it’s important that we go with it, not trying to force things one way or another. This may necessitate some careful balancing with the needs and energy of others if we find ourselves surrounded by people experiencing the opposite pole of this energy, but the key is to be true to ourselves whilst allowing others to do the same. That way we can all manage the eclipse energies in the best way for us. “
“A lunar eclipse always necessitates an adjustment in our emotional and instinctive lives. Something has changed now, never to return to its previous state. A new way is being born within us, new instincts and intuitions. New ways of seeing and understanding the tapestry of life. We’re receiving an upgrade as the Moon is eclipsed in the sign of the Archer, to enable us to hit the bulls-eye in our lives with greater ease in times to come.”

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From Julia Bondi at
“We are in the time of the great turning. This lunar eclipse of Gemini/Sagittarius is a moment in which we can attune our minds to this momentous turning. If we choose to separate at this time for even hours or a day from the noise of everyday life, work and thinking, from projection, opinion and argument, we can sense this shift; we can hear it and we can feel this mental awakening.”
“The collective mind of humanity is turning, realizing, recognizing, and a glimmer of fresh awareness is flashing in human consciousness…”
“…Our current, rational Gemini minds are beginning to comprehend the necessity to enlighten our eyes by selecting what we see and to enlighten our ears to understand what we hear.”
“When we join together in loving recognition of our universal link we will naturally evolve the creative Aquarian solutions for our survival, freedom and happiness through a renewed marriage of our rational Gemini minds guided by our intuitive Sagittarian minds.”

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 From the always awesome Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
The month of June 2012 is bustling with activity…It is a time where we close a symbolic door and contribute to an ending of a chapter in our lives.”
“…Tides within the emotional level may run high and low. Is is wise to ‘cleanse’ and re-balance now. Eclipse energy tends to symbolically “quicken” issues, situations and event as well as propels people towards the next step.”
“With the Lunar Eclipse it involves ‘ illuminating endings’ combined with Full Moon which is ‘culmination’ we have potent energy to “let go.” And this wave can continue from the day of the Lunar Eclipse for up to six months afterwards.”
“The Sun (in Gemini) and the Moon (in Sagittarius) are in a ‘opposition’ to one another. This represents we must come to terms with a conflict or something that we are in the midst of a ‘tug of war’ with. It begins within the mind and a single perception can help move energy.”
“A rare delight that happens right after the Lunar Eclipse on June 5th/ 6th, 2012. It is the ‘Venus Transit’ where Venus conjuncts the Sun and crosses the face of it. This type of ‘Venus Transit’ occurred back in 2004 in the sign of Gemini and will not happen again until 2117…”
“At the time of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse; there is a mutable T-square’ aspect that involves Sun/Moon, Venus retrograde and Mars in Virgo. This symbolism suggests high-strung energy that is driving each to let go and move on.”
“It is possible for major bickering, emotional upsets, irritations and arguments to break out over misunderstandings now. Some relationships or situations may abruptly come to an end for others, it is the final closure….”
“The potential is to be flexible towards letting go of perceptions and false beliefs that generate inner tension and frustrations. How do you let go of disappointments and unrealistic expectations? Realize you are responsible for your processing, perception and emotions about the issue or situation.”
“Reclaim your power by getting centered and realigned with your Wisdom Self/Soul. Meditation, yoga, taking a walk in Nature can all be helpful now. Relax and let go. Accept and move forward. Forgive and Heal. Allow the Lunar Eclipse to help ‘wash away the past.’”
© Copyright 2012 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
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