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our perseverance is our victory
what pulls us through is the
string of faith from our hearts
the ongoing conversation
with the great mystery
that speaks to us when we are
quiet enough to listen
receptive enough to receive
This eclipse activation (since the Solar Eclipse in Aries to this Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 5th) has come like waves from the deep seas, swelling, catapulting, shaking us and washing us clean.
Pluto went Retrograde on May 1st and is helping to cleanse away the debris, like a deep purge, allowing us to release all the gunk that has been clogging up the channels.
in the underbelly of the wave
we are washed clean

spun upside down and emptied
onto a new strata

bellied up and stretched open
like a starfish gazing to the clouds
the sun’s rays warming us in their
rainbow morphic mirroring
and the diamonds of the sea 
flickering in and out of 
the passages of time
after the waves 
we find ourselves on new ground

our map embedded within us
with sacred holy codes
activating our precious Life
SCORPIO embodies the cycles of regeneration. The Scorpion symbolizes the unconscious residue she carries from former lifetimes, the shadows that long to be embraced.
Once she recognizes her shadows and names them, she metaphorically transmutes her poison into medicine and shape shifts into a snake symbolizing her innate wisdom and feminine power.
She sheds the pain of her past by shedding her former skin and emerges through the process with new skin, re-patterned with the remembrance of her sacredness and embedded with the holy codes that guide her forward.
From here she morphs into the phoenix, rising from the ashes of her former incarnations, grows her wings, and flies high like an eagle with a matured vision and expanded consciousness.
The cyclical rotating doors between life and death are always turning. As we move through death into new life,  the compost of the past becomes the nutrients that feed our growth.  These transfigurations have the ability to expand our hearts and catalyze new levels of awakening.
It was under this Scorpio FULL MOON that the Buddha is said to have reached enlightenment and is celebrated as the Vesak Moon or Buddha Jayanti. We can lean into these pivotal catalytic energies to widen into the openings that can bring us a greater sense of expansion and peace.
Just like the lotus that rises from the mud, through all of this churning is the potential for greater clarity around what needs to be released and cleared to allow our beauty within to blossom and rise.
loving you~
PS: Shortly after Mercury goes Direct on May 14th (also Mamma’s Day here in the US) I will be launching my PATREON! Spirit has been nudging me to create a sacred container to pour my love into and share my direct transmissions and tap-root open-skies inspiration. So I will be taking a leap and I hope you will be able to join me there.
You can sign up for the waiting list here… and I will let you know when it launches!