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*FULL MOON* in SCORPIO opens a gateway to our truest depths, where we can really tune in to our hearts deepest desires, and gleam our truest reflection.
If we can take this time to sit with ourselves, and be truthful about all we reject and deny, we can uncover, untangle and reclaim ourselves in our fullness.
We are both light and shadow, dancing and meeting each other in each other, to be ultimately reconciled within.
This dance is one of mastery, a blossoming and continuous unfoldment…
Scorpio reminds us to take take pleasure in the journey and allow our watery depths to surface, cleanse, heal and empower.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured guiding lights. First from LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“The Moon represents our needs and what we need under a Scorpio Moon is connection – deep, intimate, powerful connection to another.
“Whilst this sign is linked to sex, the intimacy here is not necessarily sexual – it’s about feeling understood, known, heard and seen. But before we can truly be seen by another, we need to connect with ourselves…”
“…the Moon’s sextile to Scorpio ruler Pluto. This is a supportive aspect that encourages us to get rid of dead wood, to challenge ourselves to change.
“Standing in our truth makes us feel strong. The Pluto connection talks of raw honesty and a willingness to go within to mine the depths of our psyche for precious inner resources.
“Mars, the co-ruler of Scorpio is not quite so well placed as he is waxing to a square with Neptune.
“Underneath everything we may be feeling a little vulnerable and unsure of ourselves. Motivation may be dissipating or perhaps you’re just unsure of the goal you are trying to achieve.
“As the Full Moon is trine to Neptune though, intuition is riding high – you just need to trust that inner voice. Can you trust it?
“The Moon is on the Sabian symbol :-
“Obeying His Conscience, A Soldier Resists Orders
“The problem is that sometimes what we’re fighting for is not what we really want. It’s important to sit down and check in with whether your goals are really your goals.
“Sometimes the targets we set ourselves arise from complex dynamics with others, from old family values, from the desire to be valued.
“The Moon is in an overwrought sesquiquadrate to Venus. We all want to be loved but sometimes in the pursuit of love, appreciation and worth, we can give away our power.
“A trine from the Moon to Chiron suggests we can access and apply healing to some of the more different material in the psyche, to clear some of those inner voices that are not our own.
“Mercury is just past a conjunction with Uranus; a high frequency aspect that completed a series of three connections between these two planets due to Mercury’s recent retrograde.
“Mentally, we’ve been getting a wake-up call and we’ve begun to see things differently.
“Flashes of knowing and light-bulb ideas stimulate the desire to break free. Under a change of perspective, old loyalties begin to wane.
“Juno is conjunct Pluto and therefore also sextile to this lunation. Juno conjunct Pluto is about the power of commitment.
“Consider what it would take to commit to your own vision, to wrestle back control, to stand up for what you truly believe in.
“Look to where you may need to change (Pluto) the contract (Juno) with yourself and/or others in order to be able to live your truth.
“The sextile shows that the opportunity is there but you have to take the first step.
“Deep down, you know what is right for you. Trust yourself.
© Copyright 2017 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE  All Rights Reserved
From PAT LILES from The Power
“Full Moon in Scorpio is that one time in the year when the Moon reflects back to us in full glory our deepest, feminine water power.
“Water is the element most impressionable, most reflective, most emotional, most empathetic, most patient…”
“With uniquely having three totems, the Scorpion, the Eagle, and the Phoenix, you have a choice as to how you will express your emotional power outwardly.
“Will you sting self and others, will you fly above the daily pettiness and observe from your lofty perch utilizing perfect force and timing, or will you conquer personal obstacles by rising from your own ashes and being spectacularly, almost miraculously reborn?
“When the power of alchemical Scorpio shines down upon us, we create at heroic levels and are impassioned to achieve what we desire.
“We go the distance; we relish the challenge; we eliminate everything extraneous and superfluous…”
“Scorpio is where our healer resides…our abilities to recuperate and heal ourselves are part of Scorpio’s rulership…”
“We’re just beginning to feel the forward movement of Mercury that began May 3. All that revisiting and reorganizing and regrouping are beginning to pay off.
“The past has reared it’s head and been seen in a new light. Who are we now? If you’ve managed to free up some space in your life, cleared the deck in some energetic way, you will now feel a welcome surge of movement.
“Mercury is still traveling with the powerful planet Uranus. When these two get together, you have the potential for powerful mental energy – genius, inspiration like a lightning bolt where insights, solutions and ideas fall out of the sky.
“We have the opportunity to suddenly shift our old ways of thinking and wake up to where we are in this moment. What happened?! We woke up and a huge chunk of time has passed.
“Time to sweep the carcasses of the past out, free the magnificent phoenix within, and begin to tell a new story that is our life reborn. The truth and the releasing of that old, deep well of feeling will set your wisdom free.
“Saturn is helping this shift by making its second of three passes trining Uranus (expect another in September). It’s nine months of masterful support to bring change into your life.
“Remember, Saturn rides at the center of the Galaxy now, so this planet of discipline and maturation is welcoming you to invite in the revolutionary and collective forces swirling around us.
“Educate yourself. Set some outrageous goals. Take a stand for what is humanitarianly just. Protect what is right and fair globally, locally and personally.
“Saturn is here to test you and to support you, as any good father figure is wont to do. Of course, at the same time, Saturn has also just finished its squaring of Chiron working to heal what festers within our souls, but also to bring us out to be a bridge between the old ways and the new.
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES   All Rights Reserved


And from PAM YOUNGHANS from her NorthPoint Astrology Journal:
“This is the Wesak Full Moon, defined as the first Full Moon of the year while the Sun is in Taurus.
“According to legend, at Wesak the Buddha and the Christ come together to link the East and West, uniting the world’s major religions in a shared holy day.
“It is a sacred event for many, and a time when we all may choose to tap into the spiritual qualities of Love, Compassion, and Unity.
“The Full Moon is also aligned with the star Alpha Muscae. According to astrologer Roderick Kidston, the influence of this star:
‘…manifests in weird and wonderful ways. There is a lot of emotion here, even emotionalism, frequent drama and sometimes melodrama…’
‘Even so, a sense of mystery and magic is seldom far away, and any creative activity can take wing to extraordinary places. With this star there is sometimes a sense of the proverbial thin line between genius and madness.’
“Combining the effects of this stellar influence with Mercury and Uranus being joined at the hip this week, we could be in for a wild ride!
“Or, preferably, an awakening of consciousness that takes us to equally spectacular places.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAM YOUNGHANS All Rights Reserved
*FULL MOON* Blessings!
F U L L   M O O N

May 10th  2:42 pm PDT

May 10th  9:42 pm GMT

May 11th  7:42 am AEDT


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