Grandmother MOON comes into her fullness once again in the sign of Scorpio. She speaks to us of our hidden desires, of the mysteries that lie beneath the world we see and teaches us how to shed our skin and surrender to the deep wisdom we possess within.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the always insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“The Full Moon in Scorpio is bringing light to all the shadow dynamics that lie underneath the surface- the very things we don’t want to look at or have been avoiding dealing with are likely to come to Light right now.
“It’s interesting to note that the Full Moon is conjunct Juno- the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage.
“So there is a focus on relationships, commitments and contractual arrangements with others- as well as our personal commitment to ourselves, our own growth and evolution and navigating the shadow dance with as much consciousness as we can muster.”
“…The Full Moon is at the midpoint of Saturn and the North Node- which is pretty potent on many levels…Both Saturn and the North Node push us beyond our edge- and it’s not the comfy, cozy familiar space we are used to.
“Many of us spend a good deal of our present lifetime resisting our Saturn/North node growth- and yet it’s only when we get aligned with it that we will start to evolve into new directions, dimensions and frequencies…”
“Another notable feature in the Full Moon chart involves Venus in Aries. She is aligned with rebellious Uranus and activating Eris, opposite the fierce and powerful Dark Goddess Black Moon Lilith and square to Pluto the Lord of the Underworld.
“This shows that wake up/shake up, breakdown/breakthrough energy is playing out in relationships, financial situations, in our value system and more.
“Venus in Aries wants what she wants and she wants it now! Add in all the potent planets she is aspecting and we can see her boiling over with passion, anger and intensity!
“Steering clear of power/control dynamics with others and instead using this energy to dig deep and get to the root of patterns playing out that are Sourced within is the only way out and through…”
“This is not a time to act impulsively or restlessly or to react out of anger- but instead a time to reign it in, think of the long term consequences and get your lower will aligned with your Higher Self and it’s trajectory.
“Mars and Saturn square Neptune and Jupiter- which can bring a tendency to want to see what we want to see…
“But Saturn knows that nothing can truly change until we can see and face reality- and we need to be able to do this by looking within first as projecting what is empty/missing/not working within onto others without will never truly bring us to the radical shifting point we so desperately seek.”
Copyright © 2016 DIVINE HARMONY
From the wonderful MOLLY HALL from
“Scorpio pulls us in to the mysterious depths…The dark has power, and that makes it daunting, but also a promising night — for deep change and renewal.
“What comes to mind with this Scorpio peak is that it’s a time to come home to the power of the imagination to shape your life.  
“The outstanding aspect here is to Neptune, the planet of the imagination and higher callings.  
“The Scorpio Moon peaks at 2 degrees, and is in an enthralling trine to Neptune (in Pisces).  It’s a time of both being spellbound, but for some, it’ll be one for breaking spells…”
“There are all kinds of hypnotic seductions vying for our attention.  And there’s a power that wants to keep humanity in a state of fear, in order to control everyone for their aims.  
“But it’s also a pairing to move beyond nightmares that are needlessly generated, to take the wheel, and be captain of your own ship.
“This is a Full Moon that illuminates those holds on the psyche, and an opportunity to dissolve them…
“Neptune’s presence inspires going beyond the known, and being open to miracles changes of heart, mind and spirit…”
“This can be a significant period where we get real and in doing so, begin to build on truly solid psychic-emotional ground.  
“If a bubble bursts, and the picture looks dark, stay with it — the word withstand comes to mind.  Disillusionment comes sometimes with Neptune, but that’s just the start…”
“Full Moons are revelatory, and Scorpio sees into the hidden bones, the underpinnings, of things. And it’s one for seeing the energetic spine of an issue. It might be one that has a psychic hold, whose roots take time and courage to dig out.
“If you’re wrestling with an issue, ask for clear messages, for your next right step in transforming it…”
“These insights into the bones might call for extreme measures…Scorpio’s psychic-emotional power is both feared and respected.
“Releasing something at this Full Moon can feel daunting in some way — like it’s final, no turning back. Scorpio is often called the all-or-nothing sign. If you risk it, and surrender, the rewards are big.
“This Full Moon is tops for ritually marking a change. It’s a sign of healing, but in the Plutonian sense. The kind that means facing demons, walking through fear and embracing the whole range of experience.
“The Scorpio-Taurus axis is about going deep, physically merging with Earth or energetically/sexually merging with a lover.
“At the Big Reveal of the Full Moon, you see what you’re enmeshed in — is it healthy or is it a toxic wasteland? Can the negativity be transformed, or is it time to make a clean break?
“This Full Moon emphasizes both kinds of roots, the psychic subterranean kind, and those that come from being parked in one spot. It’s timely for purging the excess, what takes you off your center.
“Scorpio’s regenerative force helps you clear out the psyche, and come home to feeling good.
“Talking about coming home, I’d like to point out that Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs that seek security. Where is true security to be found in a time like ours?
“Wise Scorpio finds it by plumbing the depths, and transforming again and again, to stand on a sense of real integrity.
“Instead of checking out, we gain soul power by withstanding, and being creative where we can, in the face of adversity. True confidence emerges when there’s nothing to fear within or without.”
Copyright © 2016 MOLLY HALL
From the inspired KELLEY ROSANO:
“Scorpio rules emotional truth…What is your inner most longing?
“The Scorpio Moon is flushing out your fears. You know those inner demons that hold you back from reaching your goals. And where you need to own your power…”
“Scorpio shows you what you need to transform.  What is changing for you? Where do you need to own your power? What is complete for you?
“…Use your power to create the life you truly desire. Be the magician. Use your magic to create beauty.
“Come from Love not fear. Be fearless…The goal is to live authentically. Live from your truth…Do what you truly love and value.”
“…Be your own best friend. Do not focus on how others treat you. Focus instead, on how you allow others to treat you. You want to teach people how to treat you. You are not always going to get it right.
“Your personal best will change from day to day depending how you feel that day. Hold Love in your heart. It is a live organ. Your heart needs your love to stay strong. Love is your power.
“This truth is so simple. Yet, for many people where is the love in your heart? Do you have love for humankind? Your power is in your Love. Love. It is your real power.
“How do you love you? Love you. Only then can you truly love others. This is what is required…Be Blessed. Be safe. Be well. You are loved. All Are One.”
Copyright © 2016 KELLEY ROSANO
Time to be ~gentle and kind~ with ourselves and each other, as we face the wisdom of our hearts, and continue to shed, heal and rebirth into our wholeness.
FULL MOON Blessings!


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