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Alchemical magic this second FULL MOON in Sagittarius coinciding with the SOLSTICE!
Both SUN and MOON at their peak align to bring us illumination of the patterns that need to be rewoven within our own psyche, within our relationships and within the greater collective Reality. The arrow of Truth is swift and on point bearing the way.
On this ¤FULL MOON SOLSTICE¤ day, take time to be still and connect your heart to the beating, pulsing heart of the cosmos. Like our ancestors before us, we are reminded that we are part of it, an intrinsic part of the cosmic weave.
Whether we are welcoming Summer in the Northern hemisphere or Winter in the Southern, we are One planet, one breathing, living collective of Being.
Let’s unite our prayers for an more expansive, inclusive energy on our planet so we can coexist and mend the way for a brighter future for our children and our children’s children, and all living things on our planet Earth.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured readers of the stars. First from the wonderful MOLLY HALL from
“This is the second Sagittarius Full Moon this season, and a bright note that coincides with Summer Solstice!
“In this perilous sea of delusion and overwrought emotion, Sagittarius makes a beeline for the fiery trail that’s true.
“It’s on June 20th, and at 29 degrees, which is the master degree, a kind of last blast.
“The Sagittarius Moon is jolted awake with Uranus in a stimulating trine from Aries.  It’s one of those moments, you know the kind, where the pieces fuse together in a new awareness — and suddenly the future looks brighter…”
“What’s outstanding, too, is that Mercury (in Gemini) forms a triggering T-square with Saturn-Neptune.  If you’re being triggered by life, and overwhelmed, this could be one of those breakthrough moments.
“My tip for this peak is to trust your higher moral conscience, and sense of what’s true.
“If you sense you’re drowning in confusion, the steps to awareness could be giant ones now.
“You can blaze your own trail with moral courage, an open mind and willingness to question all you know…
“…it’s possible to see through many filters, and have an exhilarating breakthrough — the kind that becomes a kind of addiction to truth seekers.
“The leap of logic here is that if we don’t get swamped by facts or delusions, there is a bright path to walk ahead.”
© Copyright 2016 MOLLY HALL


From the insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“It’s been a very confusing time for many and with the second Full Moon in Sadge illuminating the skies there is a big energy up around personal and collective Truth which necessarily requires that we also look at personal and collective delusion, deception, illusion and denial.
“This Full Moon is at 29’32 Sagittarius- activating the karmic completion degree which occurs at the last degree of every sign…
“So we have this image of not only chapters completing but perhaps a whole volume of life ending.
“The Sun/Moon opposition straddles the 29th degree of Gemini and Sadge- showing that major crisis points, completions and endings are occurring in regards to our perception of Truth and our capacity to live aligned by it…”
“The desire to escape is strong right now and yet the path of mastery requires we stay the course, stay embodied and show up to do the work.
It’s interesting to note that the Sun/Moon opposition is not the only activation of the karmic completion degree.
“We also have Juno, the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage, at 29 Libra…”
“Juno essentially comes to a standstill at 29 Libra- so from now until July 7th we are in deeply karmic territory in relationships, commitments and contracts in our lives. There are definite major karmic completions going on right now.
“Whether significant relationships are ending for good or longtime karmic patterns of relating to others is what is ending (or both)- there’s some deep stuff to navigate in the realm of relationships…”
“Libra is the sign of the scales which brings to mind the justice card in the tarot. Right now the scales are being rectified- with all parties needing to account for their part in things in order for healing or closure to happen.
“Navigate this month wisely- and focus on completing karmic patterns you are finally good and ready to leave behind!”
“Another layer of energy gets added in when we notice that Juno is journeying with Black Moon Lilith right now as well. They conjoined on May 29th and will do so again on September 11th…”
“With Juno traversing with BML we also have an interesting juxtaposition of the Goddess of commitment and the Dark Goddess of freedom and independence.
“With both in underworld Scorpio there can be big shadows up right now around fear of engulfment (BML shadow) or fear of abandonment (Juno shadow) and the things we do to avoid feeling all the emotions that arise when either of this are experienced…”
“To add to the relational focus we have Venus, the Goddess of Love and beauty, conjunct the Sun and opposite the Full Moon- so we have another indicator that we are being asked to redress imbalances in relationships…”
“Luckily Venus trines Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio- bringing a deeply psychic, intuitive, spiritual and magical energy into the chart.
“Add in the trine to Neptune in Pisces and we have a Grand Water Trine formed between the lower heart (Venus), the Higher Heart (Neptune) and the fierce Dark Feminine (Lilith).
“When we can access deep compassion and unconditional Love and at the same time see beyond the facade of the ego to get to the heart of the Truth– no matter how dark or hidden or wounded that Truth may be- then real healing can happen.
“The Full Moon is also in a wide trine to Uranus, Eris and Ceres- a triple conjunction of the Rebel and Revolutionary, the Goddess of upheaval and chaos and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess of loss and renewal…”
“Uranus comes in like wild fire- clearing out what is no longer valid and supportive for our growth. Eris is similar in nature- she throws the apple of discord into our lives to show us what is out of integrity and needing to be faced and addressed.
“And Ceres is in there to support us in moving through the transitional spaces of loss and renewal so we don’t get stuck in the birth portal between death of the old and birth of the new.
“Luckily the ruler of this lunation is Jupiter- the planet of expansion, growth and positivity. His alignment with the evolutionary north node is bringing in MAJOR POTENTIAL for new growth, evolution and positive change (Jupiter aligns with the mean north node on June 24th).
“Add in Pluto in Capricorn’s trine to both Jupiter (June 26th) and the North Node (June 16th) and we can see that this portal of time from June 16th to the 26th is POWERFUL.
“It’s a potent time of manifestation and actualization- but the key to make it work the most for you is that you have to be very clear on what you are calling in/anchoring into and you have to be very clear on what you are leaving behind…”
“I leave you with Ellias Lonsdale’s Star Sparks meditation for the last degree of Sagittarius:
“There is an assignment, a destiny task which falls to me. I am asked to take each and every situation I come into and to witness the pattern, the design, the way it goes. Then I release it through me.
“I take everything that has been and I let it all go. Sometimes this is very arduous. Other times it is instantaneous, effortless. It doesn’t matter. Whatever way it is, I’ll be there.
“I am fascinated and engrossed in the human dilemma, the soul drama. I have an endless appetite for putting things together and taking them apart. But I am very serious and intent in all that I do.
“It is one of those tasks that is almost too crucial to let myself be aware of. I don’t want to get in the way. So I pretend it’s just the way I pass time. I act as casual and cool as possible, even with myself. Oddly enough, it works.
“The truth is, though, that there is nothing more vital than what I do. Because I’m around, things move differently. I’m a cross between a catalyst and a loyal follower of the existing pattern as long as I possibly can.
“My impulse is to preserve, if possible. When that’s not happening, I will get in there and make it obvious that this is not the way the flow is supposed to go.
“I am immensely powerful and deeply hidden. I work between the lines. But I am so good at what I do. I can spend extended cycles in the outlandish assignments. And I will look and act straight the whole while.
“I’ve got a job to do. I am witnessing the whole thing but sometimes you just gotta pay close attention to the weave.”
(~ Ellias Lonsdale from his Star Sparks)


© Copyright 2016 DIVINE HARMONY


From the wonderful PAT LILES from The Power
“Oh De-Light! Full Moon is paired within 12 hours with the powerful point of solstice boosting both their energies.  Wowser! That’s astrological gold!
“We have the unusual situation of having the second Full Moon in Sagittarius in a row.  Last Full Moon in May was in the first degree of Sagittarius, and now we have Full Moon in the last degree of Sag.
“Initiation and culmination are emphasized and magnified.  The last degree of any sign is a bridge to the new way of being, integrating and then releasing all that has gone before…”
“The chart of the Cancer Solstice is significant for the ongoing Grand Square or Cross in the four mutable signs…Suffice it to say, it’s an extremely powerful influence aligned in sacred geometry of a challenging nature. 
“We have great opportunity to turn this summer time frame into preparation for major growth and movement in our ability to align our hearts, our lives, our vision, our thoughts with Spirit and center our selves in true power like never before.
“We must strengthen our personal and collective containers to receive these gifts; otherwise, we cannot hold the increased energies coming our way. 
“Neptune allows us to dissolve the past story of separation and to imagine a new dream of unity and deep feminine, inclusive love.
“With slow-moving planets like Saturn and Neptune, one has to take the long view.  We pass the second Saturn/Neptune square on June 17 and look to the final pass on September 10.  Think pressure cooker…”
“Saturn wants us to show up, do the work, accept the limitations, challenges, or cosmic reprimands, and put into demolition anything that just isn’t working and is no longer in line with what we want to embody…”
“Jupiter rules this Full Sagittarius Moon so the message is set your sights on where you want to end up and examine and root out dogma, judgment, and fearful prejudices of all kinds within yourself so we can move on to create a more creative, inclusive collective drama…”
“Solstice is such a magnificent, powerful time; engage it with presence and gratitude and reap the rewards.
“The Sun in the Northern Hemisphere is at its zenith – as high overhead as it can travel.  Our bodies instinctually receive this powerful influx of light with the early dawns, long light, short nights and fertile growth and bloomings surrounding us.
“Ancient peoples recognized the life-giving power of the Sun and honored this powerful elemental with ceremony and even built vast structures for collective gatherings aligned with the solstice points like Stonehenge, New Grange in Ireland, Hitching Post of the Sun in Machu Picchu, the Sun Dagger in Chaco Canyon and the Egyptian pyramids to name only a few.
“Balance the strength of the fiery, yang Sun with the water element when your energies become overheated.
“If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere and experiencing the yin energy of the shortest days and longest nights, balance your energy with the warmth, strength and light of fire. 
“The South is the direction of the summer when our hearts are in full bloom, where we celebrate our connections to all living things and the web of life.  Use your drum to connect your heart to that great web and send out your gratitude for all that there is.” 
© Copyright 2016 PAT LILES
“You are getting a huge blast of positive energy from the Cosmos…”
“Solstices are power days. This is one of the most powerful days of the year. You can feel the shift in your being. The light of the heavens are pouring down into your being…”
“Use the light of this Full Moon to find your way home...”
© Copyright 2016 KELLEY ROSANO


Illuminated blessings on this FULL MOON¤ SOLSTICE!



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