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*FULL MOON* rising in Sagittarius asks us to focus on our heart’s pathway.
With so much swirling, we can easily feel despondent about our future but by narrowing our focus deeper into heart inquiry, we can access revealing truths to consider. Focusing our attention within can bring much expansion about.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved guiding lights. First from the wonderful LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“The Moon is conjunct Saturn which narrows our vision. Sagittarius, who loves to say YES to everything and anyone is being shut down…
“In our own lives, we are being asked to sift through the information we have to figure out the truth so that we can clearly define where we’re going.
“Right now it feels like there’s something we need to understand at a much deeper level than we do.
“Whilst Saturn has a restrictive quality, he also encourages us to master whatever he touches.
“Right now Saturn is saying master your emotions. Don’t let them take over. Look to the future but be realistic…”
“The retrograde action of Jupiter represents an inner journey of growth to bring more equality and balance to our lives.
“The conclusions we’ve drawn may still need further refinement before we start to implement them.”
“…we may need to consider whether we are in the right place to facilitate growth and expansion, or whether our circumstances are in fact hindering our potential.
“Sometimes we have to go far beyond familiar ground to find a place called home. Beliefs too, can feel like home. We can feel safe in our sect or we can question what we were told.
“This is a challenging Moon but not an impossible one. We cannot afford to give up and give in (Neptune) or to carry on regardless (Saturn).
“Loss is hard and we must grieve but then we must write a new story, with better ending.”
© Copyright 2017 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE  All Rights Reserved
From CHAD WOODWARD from his Kosmic Mind:
“This weighty Full Moon has a quality of seriousness with a focus on a specific mission, goal, or purpose.
“The Sun in Gemini creates some tension because there is an equally powerful desire for variety and a tendency toward distraction which can leave us running in circles, unable to tend to our responsibilities and more important priorities.
“Saturn in Sagittarius suggests narrowing our focus and sacrificing anything superfluous to avoid getting lost in uncertainty, confusion, and vagueness of purpose.
“In fact, this Full Moon is helping us to more clearly define or accept our purpose, whatever that may be…”
“Full Moon’s often coincide with an influx of excess energy, though some of us may respond to this particular lunation with feelings of depression, hopelessness and futility. 
“This is because Saturn is always forcing us to face our limitations and employ reality testing to keep our ideals in check with what’s actually possible.
“If you find yourself feeling frustrated or sad, check in with yourself and take a sober look at what you’re dedicating the majority of your time and energy toward.
“We all need a purpose and some sense that we’re guided by a higher power; this is simply human nature.
“This lunation could be a powerful wake up call for some to rediscover their connection to a higher source and to connect with a divinely guided plan for their life. 
“And remember, whatever you’re feeling is only transient in the moment. It will pass in the following days.
“Take whatever awareness or realization you acquire with this Full Moon and use it to guide you out of the fog of uncertainty and existential angst.
“Reflect deeply upon any potential commitments you’re considering at the moment. This powerful Full Moon is helping to provide us with a much needed perspective to take us to higher ground in our personal and professional lives.
“Most of all, pay close attention to your feelings and emotional center. It will have a lot to tell you about your current life direction.”
© Copyright 2017 ~CHAD WOODWARD  All Rights Reserved
From PAT LILES from The Power Path.com:
“Lord of Karma, our Master Teacher, Saturn is conjunct the Full Moon in Sagittarius. 
“Here’s the ‘reality check’.  Sag is about truth.  The Truth.  Your Truth.  Telling the truth now, the whole truth
“Put Saturn with the Moon ~ you have to tell the emotional truth, the subconscious truth. 
“With Ceres, Mother Goddess, riding with the Sun opposite Moon-Saturn, the truth may be tied to your self worth and your issues with bonding, and how you were programmed at the earliest emotional levels. 
“You may be called to midwife yourself through some charged emotional territory to gain more freedom.  You may have to nourish yourself more deeply than you ever have before…”
“Jupiter in Libra is bringing us the opportunity to drop individual competitiveness and ‘all for me’ mind for practicing some real cooperation and the joy and lift it brings…”
“Committed relationships of all kinds are going to have to step up, and seek equilibrium. Allowing new restructuring and more freedom along with greater personal responsibility for all the dirt piles ego creates can go a long way in transforming your partner satisfaction. 
“Thank you Pluto and Juno.  Ask not what your partnership can do for you, but what YOU can do for your partnership…”
“Neptune is also the apex of a Finger of God ~ look to intuition, the poetic, your dreams and what dances you to loosen the deep cultural deception that binds us to the old martyred ways…”
“We still have a Grand Trine in Fire signs looking like this:  Saturn in Sagittarius trines the North Node in Leo trines Pallas Athena-Eris-Uranus all together in Aries.  All the fire signs lit up!
“‘What does it mean, they cry!’  It means you have a fire lit under you, you hear the truth, a bell goes off and Bam! Insight, Shift, and Action take place. 
“Or you take a risk and you feel more alive than you have in a long time. 
“Or there’s a line drawn in the sand, a huge blow up ensues, and everything is rebalanced and on the right track, because the truth has been told
“Or you follow the long, disciplined practice of bringing your inspired idea into creation.  There’s no way to predict how it will manifest for you, but you get the gist. 
“The North Node assures us this is the cutting edge and right where our growth lies.  And a Grand Trine means great ease.  Go with what you’ve got!
“These next two months are our rest time… when we reopen ‘growth’ season with a lunar eclipse on Aug 7 and a huge total solar eclipse on August 21. 
“That period will last into November at which time we will make the third and final pass of several big aspects. 
“We will see how much we have grown, how flexible we have become, how new arenas of cooperation are overshadowing greed.
“We learn more faith and clear focus with every spin of the Moon.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
And finally here is ELLIAS LONSDALE poetic interpretation for 18 degrees Sagittarius (*please note this is my mistake, for this Full Moon the symbol should be 19 degrees Sagittarius as you are supposed to read up so it does not exactly correlate to this moon but perhaps you can find symbolic inspiration anyway) …
“SAGITTARIUS 18: Rose petals scattered on a path.
“Protection, guidance, grace dispensation.
“Offered a way to move right through the middle of life’s labyrinths and stay straight on.
“Your innate sanctity preserves you against the play of the opposites, you stay singular, straightforward.
“Throwing off complications and conundrums, you stick with what is sweet and eternal.
“Most essentially, you wear a cloak of innocence, a tightly fitting garment of unworldliness. And as you pass for a fortunate and blessed soul, it all turns out to be true.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ELLIAS LONSDALE All Rights Reserved
 *FULL MOON* Blessings!
 F U L L   M O O N

June 9th  6:10 am PDT

June 9th 1:10 pm GMT

June 10th  12:10 am AEDT

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