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FULL MOON in Sagittarius is here calling us to see through the fog of illusion to pierce the truth within. There is lots of electric and creative energy stirring but we must meet it with grounded discernment. So let’s find some time to be still and just Be, as we allow the Light of the Full Moon to bring her illumination. 
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the insightful DIPALI DESAI  and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“Having big visions may stir passion and hope. Aiming high amongst the stars may seem inspiring.
“Visions or having high expectation similar to building castles in the air without an earthly foundation may create disillusionment and disappointment especially under the aspects of the Full Moon in Sagittarius…”
“Each must turn to the wisdom within and ask what knowledge requires integration nowOld perceptions or thoughts may trigger emotional fear, worry, tears and extra dose of anxiety now…”
“During the Full Moon in Sagittarius, there is a tension oriented aspect; the Sun and Mars in Gemini ‘Opposition’ to the Moon in Sagittarius while transiting Mercury retrograde in Gemini ‘Square’ Neptune in Pisces.
“This suggests high levels of nervous tension, mental irritability, vagueness, confusion which muddles clear action as well as possible back and forth with misunderstandings via communication and emotions….
“It almost feels right now as if things on a mental level are in suspended animation, not really moving or going anywhere. This can be frustrating and exhausting.
“So cry the tears and clear the fears, most of all under the Full Moon in Sagittarius ‘have faith’ in the bigger or expanded reality and of your life design. There is something big happening in the backdrop spiritually that may not be seen yet, but things are moving and bubbling.
“The nervous system may also feel a bit over-loaded now. The urge to escape, avoid, withdraw or not wanting to deal with certain things may feel strong now.
“Rather than over-indulging in substances such as alcohol, drugs or over-eating, feel into the emotions and support yourself through it. Be present with things as they may reveal insights to you.
“A healthy way to work with this energy is to allow for time away from pressures of figuring things out and simply be in stillness.
“One way of working with this handful of diverse symbolism is allowing yourself to dissolve the tension within the mind is through, art, rest or sleep, poetry, healing, meditation or being out in Nature to gain a different perspective…”
“Some issue or situation may feel as if it is reaching its peak point before a major shift or emptying out occurs. The build up feels a lot more pressurized so breathe through it.
“Feel through the emotions of the past yet do not hold onto the right and wrong or blaming the other person. This will only create more conflict or strife under the aspects of the Full Moon in Sagittarius.
Allow for transformation of the energy rather than becoming lost in the over-identification with the pain or analyzing through the intellect alone.”
© Copyright 2015 ~DIPALI DESAI All Rights Reserved
From astrologer MOLLY HALL from
“It’s a curious constellation of energies at the New Moon, with a challenging T-square of mutable energies, a tension that can set off a chain-reaction of change. 
“There are blind alleys to watch out for, with Mercury (in retrograde) and Mars in high strung, quick-to-react Gemini.  Don’t forget, the Sun is here, too, and that’s a lot of fire power to act on information, in the moment.   
“The other corner has Neptune in a square, in the entrancing sign of Pisces.  A tip — be curious about what you observe, but be wise with action.  What you perceive could be one angle — just one dimension — of a bigger story playing out.
“It’s a time of the kaleidoscope, when it’s easy to get mesmerized by the bits and pieces of the story.  But things could look very different when the fog clears, and Mercury goes direct again (June 11th).
Copyright 2015 ~MOLLY HALL All Rights Reserved
From astrologer KELLY ROSANO:
“You may feel unstoppable. Ready to take on your dreams… Watch out for being over confident. This energy is exuberant and exciting. You could feel high on endorphins. You could bite off more than you can chew. Promise more than you can deliver. You could overestimate your position. You come up short down the road.
“Neptune is active at the Full Moon. He is challenging both lights (the Sun and the Moon.) Be aware of your dreams and desires. Be aware of fantasy. This is a highly idealistic Sagittarius Moon.
“You could experience amazing growth in your creativity. Trust your instincts. Someone or something seems too good to be true. Take a wait and see attitude. Promises may be plentiful in June. Walk your talk. Speak only truth.”
Copyright 2015 ~KELLY ROSANO All Rights Reserved
From the wonderful DIVINE HARMONY:
“Because Mercury Retrograde is triggering the Saturn/Neptune Square during May and June- there’s a lot of stuff up around discerning Truth from fantasy, fact from fiction, reality from idealistic/ungrounded dreams.
“Because this Full Moon triggers Mercury, Saturn and Neptune- we have all that has been churning below the surface, within us and around us in the last couple of weeks in the spotlight at this Full Moon.
“Full Moons occur when the Sun (conscious self) is completely opposite the Moon (Unconscious)- and the rays of the Sun can bring Light to things that have been deeply buried in the subconscious as a result.
“This can be illuminating and freeing or it can be anxiety producing, unexpected and shocking. Either way we are being asked to look deeper into ourselves and into the situations we are experiencing around us.
“Things may not be what they seem on the surface- so the Full Moon in Sagittarius asks us to get a broader vision so that we can see the whole and not just a piece or a part of what is going on…”
“The Sun in Gemini opposite the Moon in Sagittarius brings Light to information, thinking, beliefs and perception. With Neptune squaring both- what we think, see and/or are told may NOT be reality.
“There is a smoke and mirrors energy playing out in the ethers right now and we have to use discernment AND intuition in order to straddle the razor’s edge and get to the Truth.
“It’s a great time to question what you hear, what you are told or what you think you know right now. With the Sun square Neptune, we can either find ourselves having delusions of grandeur or we can find our ego energies dissipating in a way that manifests in codependent or enabling relationships, addictions or situations in which we play the victim or martyr.
“With so much Neptune in the sky right now- and shadow Neptune at that (squares tend to highlight the shadow side of the two planets interplay)- we really need to be aligned with our integrity and stay honest with ourselves and others. Delusion and deception of self and other will have karmic consequences that will have to be paid sooner or later.
“One of the best uses of this Full Moon in Sadge is to stay connected to the Higher Self and allow that aspect to guide us and inform our actions right now!
“It is SO KEY that we stay aligned with our inner integrity right now. This Mercury Retrograde cycle has delusion, deception, confusion and illusion written all over it.
“The veil between the worlds may be thin due to all the Neptune- but being able to discern what is a veil and what is a decoy can take a lot of work/centering/mastery right now…”
 “…So the best use of this Full Moon is to allow the Light of the Sun to fully illuminate all that we need to see in our Unconscious, in our minds, in our thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. Using this Full Moon to seek out Truth- within and without- and to question what we think we know rather than think we have it all figured out.
“Neptune dominates the skies right now- there is no escaping his frequency. But the potential for deep realization (which requires we see with our real eyes- so we have to take the rose colored glasses OFF)- is high right now.
“If you can be willing to see through your own projections, delusions, illusions and self-deception during this lunar cycle- the Truth shall set you free!”
Copyright 2015 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
*FULL MOON *Blessings to all!


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