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Assimilating into the now, we welcome a watery *FULL MOON* in Pisces. She reminds us to go within and listen to the deep pulsing of our hearts.
Can we hear our unique beat? Can we find our way back to our place of self-recognition, our exhale into ourselves, into our fullness, into the moment as it is? Exactly as it is?
September Virgo winds are blowing with all the things that we must tend to, but the Pisces Moon comes to her beauty~FULL~ness and reminds us of the importance of the Dreamtime. She calls to us to access the deeper realms. Access the “Rio Abajo Rio, the river beneath the river of the world” as Clarissa Pinkola Estes calls it, and find our way back to what makes our hearts sing.  “Sing your song” she whispers…
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our illuminating interpreters of the planetary movements. First from the always wonderful PAT LILES from The Power
“The soothing waters of Pisces are most welcome after moving through the powerful time of the eclipse portal. 
“Full Moon Pisces is aligned with its own ruler, Neptune.  That’s an invitation.  We have access to our most creative, imaginative and psychically connected selves through our emotional bodies. 
“We are called on to dream and to envision from our deep, inner sacred temples of the heart.  Open those portals wide, feel everything there is to feel and let it all dissolve into the sea of life. 
“Now, feel just how you would choose to have your life feel and infuse it with light and power. 
We are highly sensitive under this Moon
“We have been plucked out of our old frameworks with the eclipses, and though not yet comfortable with the new, there is renewed commitment to a more powerful, highly tuned existence.
“Pisces is the metaphysical force in the zodiac, the keeper of the spiritual journey, the bodhisattva energy of compassionate acceptance of humanity and all that arises. 
Compassion is a wide-open heart holding the dark and the light, the suffering and the bliss, the pain and the joy. 
“Where Pisces can lose their way is in being overwhelmed by human suffering, the pain of feeling too much and then needing to anesthetize their tender hearts with alcohol, drugs, comfort foods, media, any addictive behavior that drowns out the pain. 
Our suffering comes from separation, the loss of the sacred in our lives, a relationship with that which is greater than ourselves giving meaning and purpose to our lives. 
“Pisces/Neptune provide the container for us to realize we are not flawed, sinful creatures, but sparks of the divine ~ precious and infinite…”
“The Moon Full in Pisces with Neptune magnifies our ability to humbly surrender old victim/martyr/blame habits. 
“Let nature, music, painting, poetry, dance and your dream life align you with Pisces’ gifts.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved


From CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“After the big buildup to the Leo Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017, don’t feel let down if your life hasn’t changed yet.
“The solar eclipse was a New Moon, so this new life was conceived in the dark – Secret. New. Unknown. Lots of issues are coming up to be resolved.
“Everyone is very tired. Just like after a new Birth. So stay quiet and listen within.
“Mars has reached the eclipse degree this weekend (September 2-3), so notice what new things come up for you.
 “Also Mercury is retrograde until September 5th, the day before this Full Moon. He stations on the degree of the solar eclipse, 29* Leo, (A mermaid emerges from the ocean waves ready for rebirth in human form), so he’ll retrieve the message of the eclipse before heading back into Virgo to fine tune it.
 Let the energy of this important eclipse unfold in its’ own time and own way...”
“At this first Full Moon after the Leo Eclipse…we’re going to dive deep in the Collective Unconscious (Pisces Moon) to see those aspects of life which we’ve neglected and abandoned in favor of our patriarchal need to ‘get ahead’.
“As we deal with our shadows, we can figure out how we can be of service (Virgo Sun) to our world.
“But before we can be of service, we have to integrate our own body, soul and spirit.
“That’s Virgo’s purpose: to integrate all of who we are so we can offer our talents and gifts to the world…”
“The Virgo Sun forms a grand trine with Pallas Athene in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn, giving us the grounding we need in the midst of these wild times.
“Be wise to what you can manifest and make sure it can be of service to the world.
“Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius squares Vesta in Virgo and Chiron retrograde in Pisces, offering us a chance to stand up for our truth, for the oppressed and for those aspects of ourselves that need healing.
“Black Moon Lilith is a point in space that signifies where we need to get down to our soul’s passion, past the shoulds and oughts of our lives to the deep truth of our souls.
“Aligned with Vesta, the sacred flame of life, and Chiron, the mentor of heroes and wounded healer, this Lilith breaks through the chains that keep us bound to our pain.”
© Copyright 2017 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
From ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers:
“This Full Moon features blessings, polarization, and a challenge to integrate conflicting pulses via Saturn’s steady hand. We approach the final inner planet Grand Fire Trine of 2017, where we must let our Soul speak!
This distributive, practical yet mystical creative Full Moon…gives us the ability to use the light of creativity, expectancy, and forgiveness you’ve been seeing and expressing since the Solar Eclipse New Moon, and give it form and focus through the transfiguration that began then, using practicality and compassion to allow much to flow down the time stream these next 2 weeks.”
“…This Full Moon in Virgo-Pisces will begin a multi-level approach to what’s been on hold or needed review or reconsideration during the recent Mercury retrograde period.
“This will be a very active period, where much will be revealed. Get your protective shields in place, and see the light of your root power so you may play a greater (if somehow concealed) role in your world.
“This is a dynamic Full Moon, with lots of agitation spurring us to deeper transformation.
“This chart, unlike the last Full Moon, has a lot of challenging aspects. That Full Moon Lunar Eclipse ushered in a period of major productivity, harmony, and understanding allowing Electric Fire to come forth in unique and stable ways, and this one takes that fiery energy and anchors it while cutting loose more life material we no longer need to carry with us into our new lives.
“The key to resolving opposing energies is to be receptive to the Divine Feminine, as Mars is activating Divine Mother energies through its conjunction with TransPluto…
“As Saturn is the integrative planet in the T-square, patience is paramount as we conduct our experiment in transformation.
“The Ageless Wisdom is rushing into the voids created by the recent Eclipses, and growth is in motion, whether we see it or not!
“This one continues the Eclipse effects, so ‘let go, let God,’ and remember you cannot lose what is truly yours, nor can you hold on to what is already over and done.
Stay focused on seeing what your heart is into, and express it in efficient ways initiating greater contributions in your world.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved
FULL MOON Blessings to all!

  F U L L  M O O N  ⚬

September 6th  12:03 am PDT

September 6th 7:03 pm GMT

September 6th  6:03 pm AEDT



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