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Full Moon Blessings my friends! So much has shifted since the past New Moon/Equinox, so much has transpired that is changing our worlds. 
Many new transmissions are wanting to come through. I’m feeling like perhaps it’s time to create access to the river beneath this river ~like my teacher Dr. Estes calls it el Rio Abajo Rio~  for those wanting to drink from a deeper well.
For now, I share with you here~ 





This Full Moon in Libra is shining her light on the imbalances in our relationships.  
Our own needs versus the needs of others are often the interplay axis which necessitates a willingness to care for each other and to work together to find solutions.
Our focus is thus on restoring Harmony.
Love is the core attunement we must follow forward.
Laws of men say each one look out for themselves, but the Higher Law of Love seeks to bring unity, fairness and dignity to all.
The Higher Law of Love is what we must serve for it is what unites us in our humanity. It is what keep our hearts open to each other, so we can feel with each other, and empathize with the full spectrum of our human experience.
With Chiron- the wounded healer with the Sun opposing the Moon, our old-time wounds are also being illuminated. 



Spirit wanted me to say...

pour healing Light

into those wounds

pour healing Light

into all those places

that have felt abandoned,

cold and constricted

pour in the healing 

Light of the Sun

and allow it 

to warm us

envelop us

holds us




and then slowly 

begin to stretch 

a little further

into expansion


the Angels 

wanted me to say

we are with you

in your meditation

see and feel

our angel wash

as we shower you

with roses

feel the petals

gently falling 

all around you

bathing you in

their rosy hues 

soft healing petals 

of Lady Rose

deepening into

velvety reds

feel her petals 

washing over us

cleansing us

healing us

reminding us

to stay soft





lean into this healing

acceptance brings peace

so love can flow again

so we can feel free 

to be


with you~

with all my love~