FULL MOON rising in CAPRICORN with Venus and Jupiter lighting up our night skies. This time calls for balancing all the things that pull at us, and for finding a way to tend to both our responsibilities and our need for self care. Time to connect with the ancient wisdom of the Earth and see what is illumined…
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights for our beloved featured astrologers. First from the wonderful DIPALI DESAI from her Celestial Space Astrology:
“There is a certain sensitivity to this Full Moon in Capricorn and it may involve financial matters or professional needs in opposition or conflict with personal or family needs and emotional security.
“The Sun in the sign of Cancer, which suggests the need for emotional bonding and the Moon in Capricorn suggests the need for attending to responsibilities and the professional world.
“You need to strike a balance between the two opposites so that there is greater harmony and flow…”
“Building aspect is Mercury in Gemini ‘square’ Chiron in Pisces retrograde. This suggests inner tension brings awareness around perceptions and thinking which is stuck in duality (right/wrong) as well as how communication may be creating gaps rather than being unifying and healing.
“Perceptions or words may divide and conquer or bring a greater harmony and union. The key potential here is to transform the perception into a more unified higher perspective and communicate this to self or others in an inspiring compassion way.” 
Copyright 2015 ~DIPALI DESAI  All Rights Reserved
From PATRICIA LILES from The Power
“There’s power, challenge and action embedded in this Full Moon…”
“Crisis or Opportunity. Your choice. There’s a tendency to feel pushed and pulled with a configuration like this.
“With Pluto aligned with Moon in Capricorn, the practice is how to show up for your responsibilities, lean in to your maturity, eliminate what stands in the way of what you want to build in your life, and empower your own inner authority.
“With transformative Pluto aligned with the Moon you have an opportunity to get very clear on what your long-standing unmet emotional needs are and you can bring some extremely powerful emotional change into your life right now especially with Sun/Mars raring to take on action on a new front.
“If you find yourself reacting emotionally like a child, Pluto/Moon has you in mind for an emotional makeover. Moon-based remodeling of the psyche can come in the form of mother/father family issues, home repairs, power struggles with women, stomach/digestion difficulties, or your relationship with food and self nourishment.
“The Sun in Cancer only gives this Pluto/Moon more permission to activate your emotional remodel. Mars with the Sun in Cancer says, ‘Come on; get on with it. Create some new powerful, self-affirming habits for this new frequency we find our selves in.’…”
“…Tell me you are watching Jupiter and Venus in the western sky after sunset. What a sight this brilliant pairing of the masculine and feminine. They are conjunct at 21º Leo at this Full Moon time and will be again in early August and late October…”
“Venus’ retrograde will keep her near to Jupiter for much of the summer. Bask in their brilliant light and their connection to abundance, expansion, and connection to greater social wisdom.”
Copyright 2015 ~PATRICIA LILES All Rights Reserved
From astrologer MOLLY HALL from
“Things could get interesting, to say the least, with Mars (in Cancer) inciting the fierce protective edge of the Cancer (Sun). Keep in mind this is an atmosphere ripe for outbursts that are highly emotional AND highly subjective
“Emotions could hit extremes of both highs and lows, and everything in between, with quick, inexplicably loony shifts.
“This is a tricky one, because the charged emotions can show you what’s bothering you — in a dramatic punchy way that leads to action. 
“On the other hand, Pluto’s provocation is stirring up feelings that reach in to core, raw places, so some transmutation (of that raw energy) could be in order first.”
“…On the personal home front, this is a time to dream big, with lot of support for passion-fueled aspirations.  Venus and Jupiter are exact in Leo, on this day, and this is a cheering confidence booster. 
“So there’s agitating pressure from all sides. And huge rewards and leaps if you dig down deep, and find hidden reserves of strength .  Your character is fortified by creatively adapting to the demands of the times
“Full Moons are revelatory — what will be revealed? By being alert and active in the current ordeals of your life, there’s light at the end of the Full Moon tunnel. 
“The Capricorn Moon is imbued with Pluto’s near-supernatural knowing, for potential clear seeing into the shadowy terrain.  What’s standing out here, is that it’s one to lift out buried treasures within.  And to unlock hidden pockets of pure creativity and vitality. 
“The overall forecast is for firming up resolve, and growing in your personal authenticity.  In a time of flabby integrity, the one that is determined to live their values, knows true personal power…”
“With the Moon in a wide orb merging to Pluto in pre-historic Capricorn, there is a call of the ancients. The instincts of the indigenous soul beat strongly.
“Tune into something timeless — deeper and more powerful than the overlay or virtual anxieties of our age.”
Copyright 2015 ~MOLLY HALL All Rights Reserved
From astrologer JESSICA SHEPHERD from
 “It’s Cancer Sun season, a time of reconnecting to soul, family, past. In so doing we receive a mirror our deepest self…”
“The Moon is Full in Capricorn. Under the light of this Capricorn Full Moon, the ancestral threads are humming, reminding you that the starry tapestry that you are is intermingled with the swirling threads of others’ lives, and lifetimes.
“Shamanic Pluto, that mysterious planet of hidden riches, is near this Full Moon. Like a crevice or crack in the side of a desert mountain suddenly revealed when the moonlight falls just so, what hidden treasure or resource is ready to be unearthed in your own psyche or life? With Jupiter conjunct Venus in royal, pedigreed Leo, the gift may be a generous one.”
Copyright 2015 ~JESSICA SHEPHERD All Rights Reserved
*FULL MOON* Blessings to all!
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