It’s all energy. We’re swimming in energetic streams. We are connected to the movements of the cosmos and are all woven together in this intricate and multidimensional tapestry that is Life. There is a lot of charge in the air which could be wiping some of us out! Energy has been building toward this BLOODMOON~ LUNAR ECLIPSE in Aries, which is the final of the “rare” tetrad configuration that will culminate on September 27th.
Passions will be stirring so we must take deep breaths, connect with the grounding energy of the Earth, and bring patience and love to our interactions/relationships. We can transmute the fire and rise to see a new dawn with an open and accepting heart.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved readers of the planetary bodies. First from the wonderful CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“This month’s Aries Full Moon is very powerful, so don’t be surprised by the surprises that come your way.
“It’s the Harvest Moon, the Full Moon closest to the Autumn Equinox. It is the 4th consecutive Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the last two years, a rare occurrence called a tetrad.
“It is also the second and most powerful Super Moon this year, when the Moon comes the closest to Earth in its elliptical orbit—as well as closely aligning with the Lunar Nodes. This means the Moon will look BIG!
“So this lunar eclipse will create extra strong tides and energy flows, disrupting sleep and energy levels.
“Added to this, when eclipses occur near the equinoxes, a time when the Earth’s magnetic field decreases, they aid us in making rapid changes, releasing old energy patterns so there’s energy available to create new forms.
“Needless to say, the energies will be intense. Give these energies a week or so to calm down before you try to integrate what you’ve learned…”
“All four Eclipses occurred in the signs of Aries and Libra because the Lunar Nodes have been moving through these signs for the past year and half. The Lunar Nodes point to a collective lesson we all have to work through, old patterns to be dropped and new lessons to be learned.
“With the South Node in Aries, we’ve been called on to let go of our old behavior patterns of reacting to situations with anger, domination and aggression, as well as our need to ‘go it alone’.
“The Libra North Node calls us to learn cooperation, diplomacy and partnership equality…”
“With this last Aries Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse, it’s time to integrate the endings, awakenings, transformations and death and rebirth experiences related to the balance of Self and Other, completing our initiation into a more balanced exchange between the masculine and feminine energies of life as well as between women and men.
All new things start with our choices. Our free will is our greatest gift, and yet many people don’t use theirs. That’s when we get stuck in life and can’t seem to find a way out.
“Being a victim entails not seeing options in our lives. We shut down on life. Being an optimist means that we see different opportunities and choices we can make. There are possibilities in life.
Choices begin the process of change. Our brain chemistry changes when we make choices. Making a choice signals our brain that we’re ready to begin a journey. So the choice is the first step in changing our behaviors….”
“Lunar Eclipses occur when the shadow of the Earth moves across the face of the Moon, cutting off the sunlight.
“Usually, full Moons help us become aware of something within us, some feeling or belief that we keep hidden. At a Lunar Eclipse, these feelings and beliefs come out unconsciously. You could say, our shadow is showing.
“So look for your Shadow turning up this weekend, and instead of pushing it back into the Unconscious, embrace it, name it and allow it into your life.
“This is the ultimate choice—stay open to all of yourself and own it. Then take it into your relationships and work consciously to include those rejected parts of yourself.
“If your partners are strong, they’ll accept these elements of your personality and learn to work with them. The point is to keep your standpoint, try to find the compromises that work for both of you, and communicate with grace, openness and love….”
“The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 5 * Aries is: A triangle with wings. This mystical symbol lifts us to a higher level of consciousness, helping us envision new possibilities. The triangle is related to the number 3, the energy of process and becoming. With the wings attached, the symbol shows us a process of ascension and awakening.”
© Copyright 2015 ~CATHY PAGANO All Rights Reserved
From DIPALI DESAI and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“The Lunar Eclipse tends to symbolically super-charge the Full Moon energy. It will turn up the volume of emotions and highlight the issue that needs to be felt through and processed.
“You may feel like you are losing the grip on controlling your temper or anger, so allow for a private safe space to move through it.
“Unconscious aggression could be projected onto someone or an issue. Immature reactions could do damage and create a shut down rather than an open dialogue.
“A better approach to handling the energies now is to consciously direct the adrenaline and fiery energy to directly address the person or issue so that it can move towards greater harmony. Motivate yourself to take responsibility for your own unresolved emotions and allow others to do the same…”
“It is possible for an ending of a certain type of relationship (business or personal) or the way in which a relationship functions.  The relationship where the giving and receiving is out of balance will be evident.
“It may be about letting go of a stale emotional habit that goes against your healing and growth. It may be a realization of the pattern of co-dependency in a relationship and the time has come to break away from it or heal and be more independent.
“Another possibility during this time, may be learning to work with your anger in a healthier way and expressing your assertiveness more frequently.
“Sometimes the closure or endings happen through your choice and other times it may occur due to a series of life events that feel sudden.
“Why does this happen?  To wake you up. Perhaps you are dragging your feet or stuck in limbo regarding making a clear-cut decision and taking action.
“During the Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Aries, it’s even possible that there may be a feeling of being out of control or powerless, whether it is presently occurring or due to an old issue from the past. More than likely, it is something from the past rising up again that needs closure or a clear choice.
“It is wise to watch the level of reactions and angry outbursts, meaning do not project your emotions onto others during this time. Be careful not to become overly impulsive and quick triggered. Gather all the facts and information and then take charge to make a decision.”
© Copyright 2015 ~DIPALI DESAI All Rights Reserved
From the insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“We are in the Eclipse portal- which is a time of great transformation, change, endings and new beginnings.
“This high energy frequency is doubled down by several other astrological happenings (Mercury Retrograde, Pluto direct, the North Node on the Galactic Center, Saturn having just left 29 Scorpio)- All of which are converging into a very high intensity and high transformational period of time on Earth- personally and collectively…”
“This tetrad of Eclipses have definitely highlighted any imbalances playing out in our relationships
“First and foremost we want to dramatically change our relationship with ourselves- as anything we want or need or desire OUT THERE can only be fulfilled and truly experienced when we have found it IN HERE.
“Any relationships that are on solid footing are fine- you may experience things that rock your boat, but if your ship does not have holes in it and you are both willing to do the work to row to a safe harbor you will be fine.
“For others who have issues up and perhaps have large holes in their boat- this final Eclipse may be a time to think about whether those issues/holes can be fixed and if both people are willing to do the work necessary to fix them- or if it’s better to jump ship before you go down with it…”
Lunar eclipses also tend to build things up to a point that things explode– hence the reason Full Moons are times of heightened emotion, more child births and more accidents (according to ER research).
“Since this Full Moon Eclipse is in Aries, our Unconscious emotions and feelings around anger and rage and our immaturity, selfishness and tendency towards denial can arise to be confronted at this time. 
“This is no tall order and most certainly not all hearts and roses- but it can be quite profound and growth producing if we stay with the transformational energies and see them through.
“In the final Total Lunar Eclipse chart we have lots of Divine Feminine archetypes involved in the eclipse dance- all adding their energies into the mix. The Sun in Libra is conjunct Juno (the Asteroid of partnership and marriage), Black Moon Lilith (the fierce, Dark Feminine), and the evolutionary North Node of destiny and growth.
“All of these are opposite the Full Moon in Aries who is conjunct Vesta (the priestess Asteroid) and the karmic South Node that connects us to the past.
“All lunar Eclipses are tied to the Nodes- which is one of the reasons Eclipses are so potent. They energize our future path of growth and they also energize our past– and in this Eclipse portal we stand at the threshold of choice: will we move forward and grow into uncharted and unfamiliar territory or will we stay stuck in the karmic patterns of the past?”
“The Sabian symbol for 5 Aries is ‘a triangle with wings’. This stands out to me as the triangle is a symbol of the trinity and wings are a symbol of ascension, Higher self or Divinity…”
“Carl Jung said ‘The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.’ Here we see the triangle in action. When two things join together in Union a third entity is created.
“The two bottom points of the triangle then connect in with the top point. Out of duality a trinity is born. We no longer have black and white- but we have grey. We no longer are just masculine or feminine but we are both/and and as such we are whole.
“This Sabian symbol speaks to me of the potential during this 4th and Final Eclipse to find that wholeness within– which will then bring clarity to all other situations without.
“When we operate from a place of lack within we keep looking outside for something to fill us and make us whole. But we when we come from a place of inner wholeness then the whole game changes. ‘He who looks outside dreams. He who looks inside awakens’ (Carl Jung).
“Use this Eclipse to go deeply within– it can dramatically change your life for the better!”
“…this time in astrology is really unprecedented. So many things are happening all at the same time- any one of which would be potent on it’s own, but in actuality they are all happening together in the same time frame.
“The portal is open right now for amazing, exponential growth and karmic clearing. Of course we have to choose to walk through the portal- no one is going to push us through it or do the work for us. We have to show up and do the work ourselves.
“We have to take responsibility for where we are at, where we are stuck and why we have chosen to remain stuck there- and then we have to get our butts into gear and get going. ‘on the road to enlightenment there are many tempting parking spaces’. get out of neutral and get going!
“May this Eclipse portal awaken you to the Highest version of yourself!”
© Copyright 2015 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
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SUPER *Blessings* to us all!


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