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::: AQUARIUS FULL MOON ::: is bringing illumination and revelation.  
Many of us might be facing a turning point. There’s a new chapter for us to write and experience, but it’s up to us.
“None but ourselves can free our minds,” sang the great Aquarius revolutionary Mr. Robert Nesta Marley.
And how can our minds become free? Through transcendent experiences of love and unity that create coherence with our hearts. 
It’s up to us to allow ourselves to open up and feel LOVE, and sense our invisible interwoven connections with each other and all of Life.
That is why it’s important that we come together in the physical, to feel each other and activate the vibrational Field we swim in.
Music is a conduit that allows us to transcend our experience of a separate self. It’s a vibrational language that acts as a bridge between matter and spirit.
It creates resonance that vibrates through our entire being and allows us to experience an expansion into vibrational reality, which activates us into our GROUP FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS.
We can literally feel with each other and feel our interconnectedness within the UNIFIED FIELD OF VIBRATIONS. 
We know that everything, even matter is vibrating, oscillating at different frequencies. They say when different vibrating processes come into proximity, after a little time, they will “sync up.” 
Our evolutionary leap, personally and collectively, will begin when we start connecting in the UNIFIED QUANTUM FIELD and experimenting with communicating and creating from within it.
Like Rumi said, “beyond right doings and wrong doings, there is a FIELD, I will meet you there.” 
We live within a vast animate universe and there is so much more for us to open up to and experience.
The Revolution is one of consciousness but consciousness is not so much mind as we might think but frequency.
Personally, collectively, we are ready for a NEW FREQUENCY attunement.
Let’s yield to that which lights us up from within, and come together to sync and entrain our hearts.
The whole cosmos is singing, it’s time for an upgrade, and we are here for it.
With all the love in my heART~