April 25th 2013 is going to be very *potent*. We have a Lunar Eclipse (the first of three) and a FULL MOON in SCORPIO, the sign of transformation and rebirth.  Here are the Astral Insights for this powerful Full Moon & Eclipse!
First the insightful Molly Hall  from Astrology/About.com shares what we can expect leading up to this Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon on Scorpio:
“It’s a Full Moon and (partial) Lunar eclipse in Scorpio…Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, is about stripping away artifice, what’s false, corrupted and diseased…”
“In these days before the eclipse, we can tune in deeply, and be alert to points of tension…Eclipses can sometimes be destabilizing in some way. But breaking apart could be the very thing that leads to true healing, inner treasure or solid footing.”
“…Pluto shines light in the darkness, even where we’re afraid to look. There could be catharsis as pent up emotions are released, secrets revealed or corruption exposed.”
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Some great advice from the always wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology blog:
In this darkened space, there is an aching for awareness.There is minimal room to breathe, to be, to feel free, as old ways and reactions no longer seem to work or fit. Who you are, who you will become.  The sheath of old desires, unfelt emotions, painful memories constricts the flow of life-force.”
“Similar to a snake shedding its skin, it is wise to shed the sheath or layer of energies that stifle one’s growth and healing. Now is the moment to take the plunge and go deep into the realm of healing. Submerge yourself in Love itself and allow all that is not the real you dissolve. Swim up from the depths and up to the surface and walk upon the shores reborn. A feeling of lightness, freedom to feel and courage to act makes each cells tingle within the body.  Awareness casts clarity on the path. Express from this state of renewal and draw to you fresh possibilities
“A good way to handle the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is with humility and wisdom.  The issues, emotions and things arising around the time of the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio at 5° 46′ on April 25th, 2013 may feel highly ’cause and effect’ oriented. Deep, intense, powerful rush of emotions and swelling up of a core issue that requires healing is very likely.”
“Keep in mind, Saturn in Scorpio retrograde closely aspects the Full Moon in Scorpio thus this symbolizes a ‘karmic’ tone or a vibe of — ‘Haven’t I been down this road before or worked at this issue repeatedly?’ The answer more than likely is – yes. With that in mind, it is time to recycle energy. That which no longer serves your greatest good, can leave now. Are you willing to let go of the past? Saturn symbolizes learning, lessons and mastery, and whatever you need to learn, will come up under this phase. Transiting Saturn/Mars tense aspect may bring up obstacles or set backs and yet, the potential is that for mastering one’s desires and ability to be patience around the organic process…”
Lunar Eclipses symbolize an ending of a chapter, time of letting go, surrendering and closing of doors so to speak.  You can see this is a great time of shedding the past, at least whatever you are ready to, and really diving into it and letting go. Don’t over-analyze it. Release the grip and set yourself free to heal and move on. Honor whatever it is or was and let it go on all levels of your being. Wherever area of life the Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio activates for you, consider it a time of serious letting go for deep transformation and reclaiming your power. You may find you free up some stuck creative energy in the process!”
“It is possible to encounter obstacles and  lessons about desires, as well as manifesting desired outcomes. If you remain too fixated or attached to things, you may be very disappointed or even stifle the progress. This Lunar Eclipse is the first of two more eclipses soon to follow. Be conscious and begin to work with the issue or themes happening and you may not feel as overwhelmed.”
“The Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio may bring up seeds that you have sown a long time ago. Whether it is this lifetime or beyond, whatever appears and activates emotional stuff is what needs to be cleared and balanced through being responsible and accepting your part in it. Denying or avoiding will only keep the issue stuck to you longer than necessary.”
“There may be layers to all of this, so do your best to be patient and honor whatever emotion and feeling that comes up from the depths of your being. Allow the emotional cleanse to take place. Remember, energy transforms. What appears to be a loss or leaving your life, there will be something new being born or emerging. The challenge is there to work through lingering unhealthy attachments to people, things and issues…”
Intention: “I AM Trusting the Process as it Unfolds for My Highest Good and Path”
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More insights from Molly Hall from Astrology/About.com:
“The Scorpio Full Moon with a (partial) lunar eclipse is April 25th (2013) at 3:57 pm EDT. This initiates a release of what’s tightly wound up as a seed of potential…”
“Scorpio’s gift is penetrating to what’s locked up, denied or in the shadows…You could see stirring or surprises related to Taurus-Scorpio 6 degrees in your chart. Some might confront psychic realities with Saturn so close at hand, and how the inner reality affects the outer reality. An example is being bound up in a soul sucking drama or trauma. Is something leaving you so overwrought that you’re not investing in personal creativity or pleasure? A healing catharsis is possible, that frees up more vital energies, for you to flourish.”
“With the determination of Saturn, this eclipse could be a personal turning point. The changes could be deeply internal and take time to ripple out…”
“Saturn is a major player in this eclipse, at 8 Scorpio — there is direct engagement with the eclipse, and opposition to Venus and Mars. Saturn is the reality planet, so things could look and feel serious. If things look bleak, hang in there! Sometimes Saturn’s gift takes awhile to unwrap…”
 “Saturn in the sign of the deep psyche (soul), the healing is profound, thorough and/or extreme. Events could happen that feel like hitting a wall, or pierce the denial of what’s already happening. It may be hard to see a way through. But if you follow the instincts of your inner healer, and trust, the healing will eventually come. It may involve making radical changes and coming clean to what you’re plugged in to.” 
“…My sense is that Saturn is going to test the structure of the psyche (Scorpio). Are you prepared to weather the storm? Are you able to resist hysteria and other destabilizing waves of emotion running through ‘out there’?”
“I see Mars Taurus, along with Venus, inviting each of us to fall through any psychic false bottoms to something solid. A sense of (relative) security comes from watching our triggers, and cultivating spiritual self-containment. Mars is motivation and fight! And with Saturn, we find the inner strength to overcome what keeps us from pleasure, contentment, the development of natural gifts.”
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From the wonderful Cathy Pagano  from her Wisdom of Astrology:
Our ability to see the truth is sharpening, and change is happening from the bottom up!  We have to remember that change on a global scale will take time.  We also have to remember that we are the grandmothers and grandfathers of the future.  The decisions and actions we take today will create the foundations for the future.   Making wise decisions for our lives is a must now…”
“Energetically, eclipses dissolve old energy patterns and create new ones.  During and after eclipses, our consciousness can be regenerated and reconfigured into higher states of awareness.  So listen to your instincts and intuitions—they are strong right now and will guide you as you build a new paradigm to live in.”
“A lunar eclipse is an extra powerful Full Moon.  At the Full Moon, when the Sun stands opposite the Moon and fully illuminates it, we can use the Moon as a magic mirror to become more self-aware of our emotional patterns regarding the many issues of our lives….”
“When the eclipses take place in the signs of Scorpio and Taurus, the Cosmic Story asks us to look at our security and self-worth issues (Taurus) and release (Scorpio) old beliefs that outer things give us our value instead of our own inner worth.   Self-esteem and self-worth are the virtues we have to work on at this lunar eclipse…”
“Where Taurus teaches us how to tame our appetites so we can discern what we really want to create in our life to feel fulfilled, Scorpio challenges us to leave behind what stops us from discerning it.   At this time in history, most of our prefabricated needs are fake, unfulfilling and therefore addictive.  Scorpio has the power to burn away and release these false needs so its healing waters can do their work…”
“Scorpio deals with the emotional battles we engage in with ourselves, over ancient sorrows and bitter losses, hard deaths and unexpected betrayals.  If we can let go of these old emotional scars, understanding that they were the experiences which taught us the meaning of life, we really can start all over again.  These 3 eclipses offer us a new beginning if we focus on how the energies affect us.  By staying aware and awake, we can shed some skins and re-ignite our senses and instincts in a conscious, wise way.”
“The Scorpio Moon lines up with Saturn and the North Node, symbolically telling us that we are emotionally ready for this evolutionary challenge…Saturn uses fear as his weapon, and the only way to deal with this energy is to move past fear into acceptance.  Our Scorpionic Saturn forces us to face those uncomfortable feelings we have about sharing ourselves with people in our lives, confronting us with the choice to hold onto resentment or open up to forgiveness…How much do you desire your new life and what are you willing to do to achieve it?” 
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From the always insightful Pat Liles from The Power Path.com:
So much can be accomplished using these portal alignments with strong intention. Expect an initial lunar eclipse at this Full Moon, a solar eclipse at New Moon May 9, and another lunar eclipse at the next Full Moon on May 24.”
“If we can stay grounded and on center, this will truly push us onward and upward on our evolutionary path. If conscious awakening is important to you, then this eclipse period is like a wise, old teacher appearing at your doorstep. We are given the opportunity to be challenged by a master who will engage us as deeply as we are willing to go and provide the lessons that will stretch us and facilitate our growth and evolution.”
“Cosmic energies are heightened during eclipse because the Earth, Sun and Moon are coming into a perfect alignment. Here at the lunar eclipse, the Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon blocking the Sun’s light from the receptive Moon, and we see the Earth’s shadow cross the face of the Moon. A recalibration takes place, we realign our emotional bodies, our shadow material is made visible, a sloughing off of the old can manifest.”
“Eclipses can occur near the North or the South node; this group occurs with the South node (an inferior conjunction) and that emphasizes what we have brought in from the past and where we need to release, surrender and forgive what has gone before. We are collectively breaking the container of two thousand years of consciousness dominated by the will and moving our focus to the heart where cooperation, support and connectivity are waiting to pour into us.”
“This Full Moon and eclipse occur on the Taurus/Scorpio polarity. Our issues of physical security and transformative power are brought to the fore. Venus rules Taurus, and in this stubborn, yet loving fixed, earth sign she endows Taurus with the desire to illuminate the senses and experience the pleasures of physical embodiment. The sensuous Goddess of Love says, ‘show me beauty; let me savor the sights, the flavors, the sounds, the smells, the joys of incarnation. Let me gather around me those I value and love’. Self-esteem and resources of all kinds fall under the rulership of Venus.”
“Our financial and material manifestations are under Venus’ rulership. We’ve just recently passed through tax time, so most of us have had to consider our material and monetary positions in detail. Pallas Athena is within one degree of ruling Venus. Invoke Athena to bring you wisdom, strategy, clear-sighted planning and skill to your material situation. With these two goddesses so close to the Taurus south node we are able to eliminate our limited framing of personal prosperity, break the old, restrictive container of havingness and expand into the flowing river of creativity. But that takes courage, just what Mars sitting within 1º of the Sun in Taurus is willing to provide if called upon.”
“The Full Moon in Scorpio sits with stern Saturn. There may be a feeling of isolation, keeping one’s feelings to oneself, or emotional discontent in the background. But in the bigger picture, the Moon is involved in a Grand Trine in receptive and emotional water signs along with Ceres, the Mother Goddess, well placed in Cancer to nurture and support us, and Neptune, the source of our compassion and link to the mystical (or addictive) aspects of life. Let your heart open wide to embrace all aspects of the feminine.” 
“..If you are sincere in wanting to uproot and eliminate some aspect of your life that is holding your creative forces hostage, with strong intention you can realign yourself to express more of who you are. Turn up the volume, break the mold, and express more of the outrageous, courageous love that you are. Bring God joy!”
“The tension in the chart comes from asteroid Juno squaring the nodes. Juno is ruler of all committed relationships and partnerships. Her intent here is taking us forward with balancing the masculine/feminine polarity within us and between us. Tension continues as the Sun opposes Saturn on April 28 and when Mars exactly opposes Saturn on April 30. There can be a lot of physical tension in Mars/Saturn; don’t get stuck in holding tension and building up irritation. Best use is put it to work on some big project and exert physical effort.”
“Full Moon in Scorpio brings to bear the nature of death, transformation and rebirth. We will be acutely aware of our fears and vulnerabilities now. Yet, if we are able to face our shadowy material and clearly assess where we are attached to false securities that so impact our true creativity and intuitive voices, we can claim more of our power and expression in the world.”
“A wise doula (midwife) spoke in ceremony about that mysterious time during birth when the cervix begins to soften, transition takes place, and the actual movement of the new being through the birth canal begins. That softening cannot be rushed; it comes in its own time, and it precedes all movement. This eclipse period is your softening, you are transitioning into an even greater way of being, you are disengaging from what has been your secure, yet limited environment and with total faith, trust and the discomfort of surrender, you can lead the way to a more conscious way of life.”
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Infinite Blessings~