feel the music


“Those who live intuitively are guided through the dimensional worlds by a rhythmic undercurrent of inspiration.  Inner music guides their outer function, highlighting choices that indicate their most creative patterns of environmental interaction. Through that music flows the joyful current of creation.”
“The music of creation releases energy, gives energy, gives life itself to all who appreciate it.
“Songs will be your maps in the new world, songs whose rhythms guide the energy of the stars. They enter human time tangibly and intangibly, both audibly and telepathically. Their melodies overturn, undermine, and dissolve the structures of historical illusion. Sense their waves, the currents of their energy. Can you discern among the musical stream of creation that called you into being, the song of individuation sung by eternity at your birth into time, the song that drew you from the fields of your singularity?
“Drink deeply of the love that comes to you  on the currents of this, your definition song. Receive its nourishment, its direction.
~Ken Carey from The Third Millennium: Living in the Posthistoric World