“Energy fields are everywhere; we wander in and out of them all the time. When we feel the connection, commonality, and energy in a group, we are in its field: it is palpable, it feels larger than us, and it is focused.
“We might experience an energy field at a ball game or concert, or in a prayer circle, family gathering, or ceremony. We might have a group of friends who are so close that we experience the group energy, its field. All these fields seem to happen spontaneously, to us and around us, without volition.”
“What if, with shifts of intention, we could consciously create energy fields? What if we could find ways to feed and be fed by our connections every day, giving and receiving sustenance beyond our wildest dreams?
“What if we could participate in and maintain energy fields long distance, without being physically together, without needing the constant reassurance of email, texting, and phone calls? What if such a field changed our sense of connectedness and support in the world? “
~Meg Beeler from Earth Caretakers