As those of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere of our planet prepare for the Autumn winds, our sisters and brothers in the Southern Hemisphere are embodying the exact opposite experience as they are await the return of the light and sunshine of Spring.
The beautiful reflection of the opposite experiences embodied within the whole of our planet is something to ponder and hold dear.
For as we all move toward a rebalancing of opposites within and without, we see that this duality within the whole is an intrinsic part of Reality. One cannot exist without the other, and the seasons and the ebb and flow of life reflect to us this elemental wisdom.
Wherever we find ourselves on the spectrum, it is the time of balancing the dark and the light. In the Northern hemisphere, as the days get shorter and the outer light recedes, we move inward to kindle our inner light. In the Southern Hemisphere, as the days grow longer, we we move our way back into the world and bring out our inner light to share with the world.
Everything in nature is constantly giving and receiving. This balance is essential, and it is part of the expressive energies of yin and yang that we are re-balancing as a collective.
So this September Equinox, may we all remember this intrinsic BALANCE  and ACTIVATE IT within us.


For those experiencing the FALL / AUTUMNAL EQUINOX:
We have been actively working and expressing…putting ourselves and our ideas out into the world, growing and changing.  Now is the time to pause, go within, and take stock of how far we have come.
Our inner work, our growth, is our harvest. Time to honor our journey and the rebalancing that has taken place within us. Notice the seeds we planted and how they have blossomed thus far. Let’s open our hearts in gratitude~~~

For those experiencing the SPRING / VERNAL EQUINOX:
Let’s celebrate the return of the light and honor it with a moment of gratitude and celebration!
We have been in the inward spaces of hibernation and contemplation, of planning and preparing. Now is the time to shine forth. Now is the time to share our inner light and bring it out into the world.  
Let’s all ACROSS THE PLANET honor and celebrate the balancing that is taking place by being in a place of  *GRATITUDE* as we welcome this change of seasons with a grateful heart.
>>>Honor our Earth Mother for the bounty she provides us~~~
We harvest all our fruits and vegetables from her. She offers us her flowing waters… why not make an offering back to her to express our thanks. This can take any form, for what matters is the intention in our hearts.
>>>Offer acts of kindness and love~~~
Do something kind and unexpected. Bake something and take it to an elderly home or volunteer for a cause close to your heart. Give back to your community, family and friends as an offering of gratitude for the blessings you have received.
Circulate the good energy, let the good feelings flow~~~This is the healing that we need!
When we give from our heart, we are not giving to one isolated person or cause, but we are giving to the greater Life force that animates the entire Universe. We are participating in the exchange, in the giving and receiving that is an intrinsic and essential part of  harmonics of the Universe.
We are a part of it. We are part of this Life flow. We are not separate, and by actively engaging in this giving and receiving we are opening up to the flow and restoring balance to our planet.
>>>Make it sacred~~~
Ritual acts give life meaning. They also honor and acknowledge the unseen web of Life that connects us all. They reminds us that we are part of something way bigger that is beyond our knowing and comprehension but can only be experienced and felt.
If you don’t have a particular faith or community that provides this, don’t be afraid to create your own and reclaim your connection to the source of all life. 
A simple act done with intention in your heart is enough. 
Perhaps it’s a silent gratitude walk in nature, or gathering with friends around a fire, or the creation of an object with intention….
For the Autumnal Equinox: Create a mobile, embodying balance, or string beautiful colored leaves together as a symbol of continuity, gratitude and connection. Make door blessings, weaving together prayers for the coming season. Make seasonal fruit or veggies candle holders by carving a hole and inserting a taper candle. Then light with a prayer for peace in your heart!
For the Vernal Equinox: Make flower wreaths or flower mandalas. Gather with family and friends and make music! Come forth into community and enjoy the feel the connection~ Plant seeds of intention, peace and hope for what you wish to see in our world.
Make it your own. As Rumi said, there are a thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground.
Like all our ancestors have done from the beginning of time, we honor the cycles and the seasons that remind us of the ever-changing flow of life that we are a part of~~~
Wishing us all, a blessed transition as we rise to actively engage, and through engaging restore the balance. Inner and Outer, Receiving and Giving, Micro and Macro, Inhale and Exhale, and Infinite Gratitude for the whole~~~

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